Sunday 8 November 2015

Deserved: I Blow her Trumpet...

Hello friends, how has it been? Did any of you notice that I am beginning to struggle to keep up the pace here? It has not been easy… the truth is my father never said it was going to be easy. He told me to be diligent, resilient and always put God first and I will be amazed at what happens at the end of the day. I miss that man.
Yaaay! Before I start getting moody, lemme on my radio and listen to some shake-body music… guess the one I am listening to. Lol, you can’t get it *tongue out* I am in such a happy mood cause things have been happening for those around me, even here on blogsvile. Chincobee got a treat yesterday courtesy BMF and nobody is hearing word again.
Now, this one strikes me so… AdaezeWrites. I have mentioned her here in petite ways on some of my posts in the past, but I can’t help but to blow her trumpet louder now. Before I continue, this is her URL: Check her out yourself. Adaeze is one of the best imaginative writers I have ever known, probably the best on blogsvile this era. She didn’t just start today, like my Warri brothers will say, “e don tey”. She will act film in her head and put it on paper, giving life to so many characters - that lady can write story shaa, I am very impressed. As a very active and restless child, while growing she would lay her hands anything and everything and turn its life around; doing scrap art, drawing cartoons and the likes. Some were worried about her tendencies, not knowing she is a child of destiny who needed to be that kind of person as a child to realise what she would be in future.
Adaeze relaxing pose, many months back

The future of Adaeze’s child hood is here, even though a lot of it still is ahead, many many more years to come. But for now, let’s celebrate the now. Adaeze was nominated for the Nigerian Writers award. She was nominated under the Child Teenage Writer of the Year. She has these exciting series she writes on her blog, and I thought I was the only one who reads them until she was nominated. Enough of my stories, Click here to check out more from her about the nomination. Voting ends on the 14th of November, 2015. I have voted because I am convinced she is a better writer than others in her category. See her category…

Adedotun Richard Adeniran
Biyi Akangbe
Irianele Virtuous Oselumese (
Binogun Winifred (
Oyindamola Victoria Olowoyo (successexaltation)
Adaeze Ibechukwu (
Kingswill Oghenekeno Light
Splendour Joe Abisoye (effecf of terrorism on children)

To vote send Nominee's name and category to

I repeat, voting ends on the 14th of November 2015... Lets vote for a sister on blogsvile, our own sister.

Before I forget, let me also add that this Adaeze is so thrilling that one of her works; a comedy script she wrote for a screen play - "Behind The Scenes" is  out, produced by one ghen ghen sister Alexandra Alexander (checkout the name naa). So be watching out for the movie on cinema before the year runs out o. I have booked my space already for when ever the movie is premiered... stay there naa. 
Wow... it's a new week, new prospects and I am convinced that it is and will continually be well for us. Stay positive and always put God first.
Counting down to ma blogversary. I need your prayers. 

P.S. I have not met Adaeze Ibechukwu before o, hoping to meet her soon though when she celebrates her award and possibly when her movie is premiered. All these history I wrote about her is a result of a little research I did... I am sure she 


  1. She's awesome! Better writer.
    As you celebrate others, you will be celebrated far and wide in Jesus name

    1. Amenooo...
      Mami, God bless you.
      All these Adaeze's seeef... Chai! You guys are too much.

  2. Nice. Going to her blog right now.

    1. ...and after, you'll cast your votes, right? Heheheee

  3. nice! let me check her out before i vote for her.
    straight to her blog

    1. Seeing is believing... That's the concept.

  4. I've checked her blog. She's indeed a good writer

    1. Yeaa... You can say that again.
      Hope you have voted.

  5. I am so overwhelmed Ugo!
    Imagine me opening your blog to read your new post then I paused and was like....wait a minute? Ha! How come my name is everywhere here?
    God bless you so much dear for this. Words cannot describe how grateful I am...thank you so much and may God continue to bless you.
    Chai...I'm tearing up *where's that hanky?*
    Now I am so shy...and yes, we will definitely meet soon ooo and not without my namsie in the picture.
    May God uplift you far above your expectations and may you always bring smiles to people's faces as you just did to mine.

  6. But wait ooo...on a lighter note...wia did you find that pishure?

    1. We all love lighter
      So putting up the lighter, I would rather keep up the suspense till we meet.

  7. I just went through her page, she is indeed amazing.

  8. impressive!

    like Bolatito said, I have to stop by her blog before I casting vote. *smiles*

  9. ok am just seeing this..Will check it out asap and cast my vote.. Anything for my boo

    so check your nomination as well and respond to it. Thank you..

    1. Sublime isn't it?
      Even the boo geti boo...
      Thanks for the nomination Bee bae. Lols

  10. Wow! So thoughtful of you Ugo, best wishes to adaeze.

    1. Thanks Bebie... It is good to have you stop by.

  11. I am not surprised at Ada, my very own sister. You go girl, You rock!
    I am so voting you, hope we can vote n multiples?

    Thanks Ugo for supporting a sister

    1. Now you are claiming her as your sister... There is God o, heheheheee.
      I don't think you can do multiple voting. They have a way of tracking such... you will observe when you cast your vote.

      Meanwhile, long time.