Sunday 3 May 2015

My Blog Mother

Like every child, I do not know how she conceived and brought me into this world. All I know is that she is my mother… She looks out for me and inspires me. Don’t think too far, I am talking about my Blog Mother. Now I know you are wondering: "who could he be refereeing to?"

Adaezenwa is my Blog Mother, my Mami. I wonder why I have to blow her trumpet. I can’t resist telling the world how great she is. Seriously, I can’t boast of having known her for a long time now; this is only because I am still a kid in the Blogvile. 

My Mami, read Pharmacy for her 1st degree but you can hardly tell, when she takes you up on any topic. Amazingly, she knows more than just a little about everything of nearly anything… lol. She most times assumes a mother role to all; empathizing, correcting and instructing with kindness. Little wonder why I coined a motto for her: Mami, Instructing the Ignorant and educating the world.

If you are yet to read her blog, sorry, I meant to say blogs (yes o, she has more than one blog), if you have not read any, then you are missing ooo. My Mami can write, aswear. Oya click Blog 1, Blog 2 to see for yourself.

And so, I finally met her, in two consecutive meetings lately in real life. I observed her trying to appreciate the me (Eup) she mothers in the blogvile, with the me in the real world. I wish she blogs about it.

Lemme share with you, 1 or 2 pictures from our meeting.

Adaeze Chinanuekpere Ezenwa (My Blog Mama)
An ex-bookworm: No wonder she is very knowledgeable   
Isn't she lovely? (Chisos Igweeeeoooooo!)

A special shout out to all the blog mothers on Blogvile. Keep up the good work; inspiring your children to greatness. 


  1. Ugo!!!! I can't even think of a good reply to this post... I'm still laughing so hard. Maybe I'd be able to reply tomorrow, definitely not today.

    1. Mami... Chai, See my life! (in that subtle voice you know) lol.
      I was very conservative with my words here. Didn't say much and you know it. I didn't want you to tell me to knell down, raise my hand and close my eyes here. aah I have respect for my mami o...
      I can't wait to read what you have to say about all this.

  2. Mehn, I might need to get me some blog mother ooo *rme*

    1. Lol... it will be nice, or better still a blog father; a whole new concept.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  3. You know yeahh.. This post made me smile like a fish... I vividly remember when i first met Ada or Otunne as i know her.. it was on a post about Drugs AKA Igbo and my friend who was a User.. (Abi 'IS' sef, meehhhnnn i never go confirm if e haf stop **Winks).. and his Jah- Rasta-Fried rice lifestyle.. and oh! i remember how she sent me an Email with so much passion and heart to it, advising my friend to abstain from Cannabis... its amazing how AMAZING she is., as even on her posts yeah, you can feel the love and sincerity flowing like the River Niger.. She is just Bad like that **Winks... Its great to know that she inspired you to be the you that you are becoming Oga Boss Egwumba... all in all yeah!~ Ada Rocks... Big Time.. Truly Thank GOD for Blog Mothers.. Thank GOD for as mama lit the match that set my confusions on fir... Cheers Baba.. This was a SMILEY kinda read... as it had me feeling Awwwwgghh like a Puppy all through.. and the crowd goes Oooooossssshhhheeeey Turn uP!

    1. Gracias to you bro... you may not have noticed, but the inspiration of the concept of "blog mother" came from you. Your blog mother, is a great writer and blogger. I am still a leaner and I am still in the game, cause my blog mother is doing a great work nurturing me in blogville.
      Thanks of dropping your comment.

      Cheers to all the blog mothers.