Wednesday 1 July 2015

Mid Year Review

Good gracious, it is a new month already, the month of July and amazingly the beginning of the second half of the year. I am supper excited. Did I really make it this far? I did… and you did too. It could have only been grace that has brought us thus far, and grace will definitely see us through.
Hope you have had time to look back at the past six months of the year and done a thorough review of the period. If you have not, I advise you make plans to do so, at least before next week (say, by weekend). You need to check to know how far you have come to achieving those plans/projects/resolutions you had at the beginning of the year, and know where you stand at the moment, and how much there is still to do. The review should also be used to not just to check how far you have come, but also to restrategise on how to make the rest of the year a success, based on your plans and goals.
Let me let you in on one or two of the plans I had at the beginning of the year. Ok… I had plans of perfecting my driving skills. Unfortunately, I have not done so much about it, as I have not yet driven on a Lagos street. To be truthful, one of the reasons I thought it wise to make sure I learn how to drive is because of the ladies. Girls can intimidate us (guys) who are expert drivers on our LEGedise benz. Those of us that can trek for Nigeria – like from Abuja to Otuoke… eeehn! The intimidation is becoming too much o, so I said “Mba, this year, I must regularise”. Now I have to refocus on that – I have got them ladies to wow **shines teeth**.
Among all my plans for the year, I know I have done so badly in one particularly – this one concerns my spiritual life. I am supposed to be getting closer to God by the day, but I have allowed myself to be so distracted, that I often get ashamed to go down on my knells and pray. Opening the scriptures to feed myself with the word now seems to be like a taboo. I am so ashamed of myself, knowing how much effort I have put in the past to encourage other not to follow this path I am currently treading on. My only Joy now is that that I am still here, and that I can still type this post means I still have a chance to make things right in my relationship with God. With him, the most important time is now and what we make of it determines our stand with Him. It’s obviously another chance to make things up and make it right with Him, so help me God.
Now, I don’t know what your review will be like, but it is important you do it, for the rest of the year is yours, I mean ours to Succeed. If you never had a plan at the beginning of the year, maybe this is the chance you have now. Find a place where you can meditate or concentrate, go there with your writing materials and pen down realistic plans for yourself for the rest of 2015. It is not a waste of time, I bet you.

Hmm… my first post of July. Let’s see what happens as the days go by. Remember I promised to do better this month than I did in previous months and again I say; “so help me God”. I just need your constant support. I know I have got it. Thank you 
Happy New Month to you. 


  1. Happy new month sugar. Funny enough both plans were included in my plans too and I haven't really been faithful. God help us

    1. Amen o! we plan and get carried away. Anyways, one of my plans this month is to hear the smiley voice of Tom-Tomi **winks** Happy new month dear.

  2. Hey July, it's my birthday!
    One of the things i plan to do this past H1 was to get a more professional website and some re-branding on my business but i didn't achieve that. July please be good to me and let me achieve that and many more so help me God

    1. I meant Its my birth month. July 6th precisely

    2. 6th is just around the corner and Nkem will be a year older... I can't wait o... so where is the parry at? I love Birthday cakes for your information.

      As per your business, one thing is sure: God will bless your hustle. I am a fan of yours and I love interior designs... Guess we should chat more about it sometime.