Monday 18 April 2016

I am Back!

Where have I been? Guess I have been on sabbatical leave. I have been off my favourite space here for some time, but I am back now – so help me God. I missed everything about this space and I hope I’ll not drift away again like I did already.
What has been happening? What have I been missing? I will have to take my time to visit my favourite blogs to do my catch-ups; I have missed them all.
Within the period I was away, a lot has happened. Life has been what it has been; filled with its dramas. You know the goings-on in our country and how it is affecting all of us. But we are still alive and have every reason to be hopeful for better days ahead. Anyways, enough gists for you as the days go by.
This post is just to say welcome to me as I set myself ready for an awesome blogging time with you once again.
For those who checked on me while I was away I say thank you.


  1. You spent one whole month away!
    Welcome back Ugo

    1. I came back right on time, right? **SmileS**

  2. I missed you! I checked count less times but only saw you on the other side of the divide
    Welcome back Ugo

  3. Are you still a blogger?huh