Tuesday 15 March 2016

My Tuesday Morning Travail

Its been a while I wrote a post on Lagos traffic. I no know as e take do me today. 1st I wake up late and that meant that I had to use public transport. BRT was my best bet since I was going to the Island. So, I had to board a bus to Oshodi where I would get a direct BRT to the Island. Na so I enter one danfo from Ikeja and paid #100 for a journey which is usually #50 - dem say na fuel scarcity cause am. The bus went halfway and stopped only to load us in another bus. See me, initially angry with myself for waking up late and thinking of how to reduce my lateness time, na him danfo carry im wahala come. I had no choice but to move into the other bus the conductor for advised us to enter.

Premarital Sex...and I'm Still Wondering

Premarital sex… I began to think about this topic again only recently, I am sure you are wondering why.
Some days back, I was listening to a programme on TV where the topic of discuss was "Premarital Sex". Of course, it was a hot topic. Why won’t it be? Somehow I have come to realise that topics on Sex are always hot topics when ever they are being discussed or taught. Maybe it is because somehow, the mind thinks sex is exciting and so tends to explore any opportunity to know more about it even unconsciously many times.

Monday 7 March 2016

Monday Chitchat

Gushhhh! Where have I been? …and no one seemed to miss me. There is God ooo! Anyways, I have missed you as I have always looked forward to this day ever since my last post...lol. A lot has been happening with me and around me since the beginning of the year and so I activate my blogging mode to share with you.