Thursday 25 August 2016

Forget A Friend's Birthday And See - My Story

It was about 10:00PM Monday night. Obviously tired, I earnestly craved for sleep, so I laid on my bed waiting for the sleep to come. As I waited, something prompted me; “you didn’t check your Facebook account today”. So I stretched and picked up my phone… logged on and found a birthday notification. It was the birthday of a friend. Haaa! This friend never forgets my birthday o. Like a tradition, we communicate just once in a year and that’s on my birthday – she never forgets, and look at me completely forgetting her birthday this year again. I summoned courage to call her, though late, but shea they said better late than never?

Monday 22 August 2016

Yes, Jesus loves me! - Lyrically

I took time out to reflect on the things happening to me and around me. I cannot beat my chest and say that I have the worst of stories to tell, in spite of all that has happened and all that is happening. Deep in thoughts, I kept smiling because I know that Jesus loves me and that it is by His grace that I am, and have come this far. 
...then this song I sang a lot while growing up came to me, "Yes, Jesus loves me...!" We usually only sang the 1st stanza then in Sunday School, so I had to search for the other stanzas if there where any. I found more stanzas and I decided to share with you. Kindly take your time and go through them. If you know the hymn, sing along. If not, read along.

Tuesday 16 August 2016

My Wedding Waka-waka

Lately, I have been attending weddings. I probably have attended more weddings this year than I have attended in my whole life put together and the truth be told, I have not attended up to 8 weddings this year (*Cover face*). I guess it is just the stage in life for such activities – attending weddings?
Amara & Ike as they cut their wedding cake

Wednesday 10 August 2016

1st Music Video Coming Soon - Kelenge

Sometime in January this year, I introduced a friend of mine and music artist/entertainer, Dramzzy (aka Mr Whyte) who had in December 2015 released a track “Wedding Ring”. You remember right? He is at it again.
He promised to get busy this year and come up with quality songs for his fans. He has since then released another track “African Lady”, a song which he featured Emykriz and Sharksin. 
Dramzzy in the shooting of his soon to be released video - Kelenge 
Now he is currently working on his first ever music video for his first track “Kelenge”, a dance hall single he released in 2014. We might just be seeing another dancing step released too.
So guys, wait for it… it promises to be a blast.

Thursday 4 August 2016

We Need To Show Mercy

Back then in school, I had a friend her name is Mercy. Ones, I wondered why her parents would give her a name like that. She never did answer that question because I never put it to her. I could only think of various reasons why I would name my child “Mercy” or better still, “Mercy of God” or as the Igbo’s would put it “Eberechi or Eberechukwu” or in Yoruba "Anuoluwa" . There must really be a story backing the naming of a child Mercy.
That's me and behind is the Door of Mercy I passed through
On Tuesday morning, I made out time out from my tight schedule to attend a programme at the Catholic Cathedral of Lagos: The Holy Cross Cathedral on the Island. I convinced myself to go because of the significance of the programme - Pilgrimage walk through the door of Mercy. Most of the activities of the Church are so significant and symbolic so much so as to direct our focus on God Almighty and this is one of them. 

Monday 1 August 2016

5 Months To Go

Wow… the month of August is here already and 2016 is as good as over - how times fly. But it’s not over until it is over, so I am not giving up on the year 2016, neither am I giving up on my struggles and the things I am yet to achieve.