Friday 27 March 2015

Pray for Nigeria

We have so waited for the moment when Nigerians will go to the polls and vote. The moment has come, and we count in few hours and minutes. The suspense has been like never before. For once there seems to be a real contest for the positions of leadership of our great nation and everybody is involved in one way or the other, consciously and unconsciously.

Wednesday 25 March 2015

I Wear Ties these Days

I like this look
As a kid, my father taught me how to knot a tie. I really did not know why he made sure I learnt it, because I never had course to wear a tie then; it was never part of my school uniform both in primary and secondary school. I still cannot remember any of my dressing then, that I used a tie, not even my church wears.

Saturday 21 March 2015

GIS: Job for Unemployed Graduates

Our higher institutions produce numerous graduates repeatedly every year. With high hopes and great expectations they are sent off into the labour market (or is it favour market?), to find a job. At this point, reality begins to dawn on (most of) them. They go to all kinds of places and do all kinds of things to try and secure a job. They now start understanding why Chike, Miriam and Bayo have been at home, two years now since they graduated. Confusion and frustration sets in, and the hopes continually thins out.

Wednesday 11 March 2015

Danfo Blogging

Inside a Danfo Blogging
On that long trip back home from work, I write. In case you do not understand why, I will tell you. I have not been consistent in blogging lately, I wish I was. The challenge has been balancing my time such that after work and the time I spend on the road to and fro work, find food to eat before I go to work and after I return, and sleep, still find spare time to articulate that which I would love to blog about. It has really been a challenge.

Sunday 1 March 2015

BRT and I

Do you live in Lagos or have you visited Lagos since 2009? You must have seen the Lagos BRT and even entered it (severally?). What was the experience like? Presently, I seem to be having a very special connection with BRT and I am taking my time to understand it. A friend recently told me that BRT reminds him of MOLUE and I think he has a point...