Wednesday 11 March 2015

Danfo Blogging

Inside a Danfo Blogging
On that long trip back home from work, I write. In case you do not understand why, I will tell you. I have not been consistent in blogging lately, I wish I was. The challenge has been balancing my time such that after work and the time I spend on the road to and fro work, find food to eat before I go to work and after I return, and sleep, still find spare time to articulate that which I would love to blog about. It has really been a challenge.

I try to blog with any few minutes I could spare in the day, though I think I usually end up fumbling, but I blog anyway: BRT & I (you may CLICK to see for yourself) is a good example. For once, in that piece I did a proper field investigation before I wrote and had real-time pictures from my camera to back them up, but I felt somewhat disarmed as I found it difficult to connect all the details and translate it adequately to my satisfaction.

This experience for me, brings to bare the fact that you can't eat your cake and have it. Conditions have to be right for optimum performance in any thing we are involved in, if not, we see ourselves settling for any result we get, especially when we consider it as just manageable. How long are we going to keep managing average performance when the best is what is expected of us no matter the excuse we have to give?

This is one of my reflections as I sit bored on that not-to-long, but for Lagos go-slow drive back home from work. With the qwerty keypad on my Tecno M5 phone and my mobile blog app, I dare the sounds of horns from vehicles trying to maneuver their way to escape from traffic, the rackets of passengers usually as a result of frustration accumulated from the long day they have had, the holler of street hawkers: gala, gala, bottle water, lacacera... trying hard to convince the stressed and hungry people in passing vehicles to patronise them, not to talk of the constant galloping of the Danfo on the rough Lagos road. Hmmm... omo na die o, but I still manage to fumble this piece out. 

I wish I could do this more often, but I can't (or can I?); it's as difficult as building a But seriously... like seriously, I have missed blogging. I have become a stranger to my lappi, o my lapi....

I guess it's time for me to come to terms fully with my present realities, manage situations and still blog. I hope I won't disappoint myself and I hope you read and appreciate my effort.

Has my effort this time come out well? I would like to know what you think; kindly drop a comment.

Thanks for your time.

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