Wednesday 22 July 2015

Versatile Blogger

While I was trying to plan my day on Saturday, I got a notification from my blogmother’s blog; a new post titled Versatile blogger Award. She has been nominated for the Versatile blogger award by Tessa. I read through and saw my name somewhere down the post. In turn, she compulsorily nominated me (her blog son), Adanne (her own blog mother – at least, one of them) and others.
I am most grateful for this nomination, as I see it as one of her many ways for approving of my kpako blogging aptitude and her telling me “blog son, never give up on blogging”, lol. Now, I have been trying to twig the concept behind the award and my nomination, cause of the seemingly long progressing chain of nomination. While I do that, there are rules to follow after being nominated, rules are meant to be kept, so I urge that you follow me as I try to keep the rules – I think they are 7 in number or so.
1.      Thank the person who gave you this award:
EUP: Please refer to the paragraph above in case you missed it…but still, Mami sosongo, Abasi odiongfi (Language – Ibibio, Meaning – Mami thank you, May God bless you). I am teaching you Ibibio now for free o…lol.
2.     Include a link to their blog:
EUP: I have done this naa… Shaa, for benefit of your curious minds, lemme just drop the url.
3.     You could include their names too:
EUP: Hian! The person that set this test, abi rules have a suspicious plan o… Anyways, her name is Adaezenwa, as if you don’t know.
4.     Nominate 15 deserving bloggers you discovered recently for the Versatile Blogger Award – you should include a link to this site:
EUP: This is the hardest of it all. There are many great bloggers I have met here on blogsville, and that includes you...yea you the versatile blogger. For that reason I will not have to mention all your names but a few: Adaezenwa (I get to mention your name, don't be suprised), Adaeze, Molola, Pheezy, Gabby, Nkem, GloriaEsther et all...  
5.     Tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself:
EUP: …are you serious? 7 things kwa? Okay ooo… but Mami, what am I going to tell you that you don’t already know?
i.        I smile even when I am angry, that’s how much I can smile and most times, I don’t even realise I am smiling until the next person asks, why are you smiling?”. No wonder a friend of mine calls me “Smiley” …lol.
ii.      I was very handsome as a kid; don’t know what growing up happened to me, now I am not worwor, but…
iii.     I love to server (not food o), so much so that I sometimes have no time for myself. Lately, I am trying to cut-off from those things that push me to service. I don’t know if it is the right thing to do… guess what I need is moderation on how available I am to service.  
iv.     I don’t know how to chyke a girl… Seriously, I don’t know why. Maybe I need some practical tutelage on it… Guess someone should blog about it someday. I seriously need to start chyking girls o!
v.       I want to drink small stout, but I don’t drink o… and it’s not like I don’t drink shaa. I drink based on necessity (I probably would have to blog about what I mean so that you don't get it twisted), but do you call that drink? Lol.
vi.      I started this blog because I felt pain from a onetime relationship which I have blogged about severally, both directly and indirectly… I just felt I needed to express myself and this blog came in handy. That’s past now. Don't be asking yourself how I got into a relationship when I don't know how to chyke a girl o.
vii.    You are the number one person that motivates my continuous blogging. Anytime I make it seem like it is my G-mami, then know that I just don’t want your head to be swelling (I am sure some people are lost already). I know G-mama will understand if she ever gets to see this post.
 Phew... That's all.
6.     …and answer the question of the day, if you any:
EUP: Thank God o, there is none, or did I miss it? My own question of the day is Why did you start blogging?
7.     Do the above for your own nominees. Display the award on you blog:

EUP: Why not? See the blog award below. 


  1. Yay!!!!!!! Congrats on your award.....Really mehn...You are doing super good on me on that one...How have you been Papi? It has been a while eh?


    1. Did you just do Muah ***Seeing Stars & fainting*** Lol...

      G-mami, I have missed you here plenty... Thanks for being great always... Guess your award will be that related to greatness - coming soon *Smiles*

  2. Congrats! congrats! congrats!!!! Only this will be your portion henceforth... Thumbs up..

  3. Ugo I've asked my question, *tongue out* you reminded me ;-)
    This ya coded last point... Hmmm!
    Do you really smile a lot?... or you just look for trouble too much...

    1. More questions than answers...
      But Mami, you know you have to do another post acknowledging my own nomination. lol. Then, guess I will now consider answering your question: How much do you think your blog is worth?
      Yes naa! **SmileS**

  4. Ugo congratulations on your award oh.. U deserve it.
    Ok, i have plenty questions but let me ask just one. Did u say you smile everrytyime!!! Like everytime.. Please how do you do da??

    Did u just nominate me up there?. Its not fair there are just so many rules and regulations.

    1. Ify the wise one. I might not have a definite answer to your question o, maybe not here... guess on another platform.

      Yes o, how won't I nominate you... Gabby has just been wonderful speaking. lolz!
      The rules may be many but if I can follow through, then it is moimoi for you.

  5. Congratulovia Ugo on this well deserved award and to everyone that was nominated.

    *Still dancing shoki* I got nominated??? Idonbilivit!!!!! Thanks a lot Ugo

    Blood of God! How is one supposed to answer all these questions????? I am new to this oooo

    And again, Is there a way to receive a notification alert when one is nominated

    1. So you too can dance shoki? lol

      You definitely cannot be new in answering questions naa, just follow the method you used while in school, shikena *shine teeth*.

      For the last question, I'll say: just be on blogsville more regularly and you wont miss it.
      Congratulation to you too.

  6. Its nice reading this, Congratulations and receiving an award is just a sign, that your effort is been appreciated by so many people who derive great benefit from what you do and how you do it.

    This is not a joke, but an indication that you are moving forward.

    1. ...and I keep praying for me, for you and all of us that forward ever, backward never.
      Thanks bro.

  7. Congrats versatile blogger

  8. Congratulations, Ugo! So it was you who nominated the nominee that nominated me. Huh? Diaris God oo. I have posted mine. Versatile Blogger Award
    Thank you for all you do. Meanwhile, I can teach you how to 'chyke' a girl. *winks*

    1. Good gracious... where have you been mami? I have missed you on my space o. Welcome back... So when are we scheduling our first chyking class? I can't

      Yea, I nominated the nominee that nominated you... *SmileS* It's great how we are sharing the Versatile Blogger award on blogsville... indeed, fiaris God ooo!
      *Run off to your blog to see yours*

  9. Congrats Versatile Blogger

    1. Hea... A smiling face!
      Welcome dear and thanks for congratulating me.

  10. Congratulations versatile blogger.

    1. Thank you Carina.
      Welcome to my space...

  11. Yayyyyy thatz nice. And oh yes, you twisted your answers oooo, . Anyway, all the best

    1. Its now left for you to untwist them... Lol.
      Thanks for the compliment.