Saturday 4 February 2017

I Walk for Cancer Prevention

“4th of February is world cancer day and I would be going on a walk for cancer prevention that would take place at Muri Okunola Park, Victoria Island, Lagos... join us naa” she said to me. This was about 10PM, a day before the scheduled event.
Who gives you an impromptu notification or invite like this and expect you to show up. Most times, such invites are just to fulfill all righteousness – "let it not be like I did not tell him". I slept over the information and by morning around 5:00AM when I woke up, I made up my mind to attend. So I got up and prepared. Some friends accused me for not informing them about the event, I am sure by the time they read this, they will understand.

At about 7AM, I was already at the venue at VI all the way from Ikeja, even before the friend that invited me. In fact, when she saw me, she was like: "haaa...! did you fly?"

I convinced myself to go for 3 reasons.
1. We (Nigerians) are most times more ignorant than we think. A thing as serious as cancer will always sound like a story to a lot of people until they fall victim or know someone close who has it. If my actions in small ways like this, can help create awareness on a very serious health issue as Cancer, why not? Too many have died (and are dying) for no reason.

Walk for cancer prevention

2. It’s been a while I did good exercise, and I knew that the walk will give me the chance to do so. So I seized the opportunity and it felt great, I must confess.
Aerobics after the walk

3. Since the Walk for Cancer Prevention is through the streets of VI, I would have nice views and many beautiful things to shot and images to create… so I made sure I went with my Nikon Camera. I hardly get such opportunity.
A Little about Cancer
According to; Cancer is the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells in the body. Cancer develops when the body’s normal control mechanism stops working. Old cells do not die and cells grow out of control, forming new, abnormal cells. These extra cells may form a mass of tissue, called a tumor. Some cancers, such as leukaemia does not form tumors.
There are different types of cancers and they usually are names according to the part of the body they affect. Most common is breast cancer in women and prostate cancer in men, amongst others.
Important to Note
- Cancer is real and no one is actually immune to it.
- About 1/3 of cancer that occurs can be prevented
- Bad lifestyles like smoking and drinking, increases ones chances of having cancer
- Endeavour to eat healthy; this helps to reduce ones chances of having cancer
- Exercise (ie. Reasonable physical activities) helps, being overweight doesn’t.
- As one ages, the chances to have cancer increase.
- With early detection of cancer, it can be dealt with
- Go for regular health check-up.
I checked my BMI, Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar level after the walk
It is said that doctors do not usually know what causes a person’s cancer. Is it not funny, with all these predisposing factors? But that should not bother us. Let’s keep leaving a healthy life and continue with healthy lifestyles. God is our refuge.
Let’s celebrate the victory of those who have fought cancer and won.
Fight with those who are fighting at the moment, with our prays and support in cash or kind.
Volunteers helping to raise funds for a woman with breast cancer
For those who do not have it, let’s continue the awareness.
Awareness all the way

NB. The walk for cancer awareness was organised by Cancer Aware Nigeria, Oceanic Health etc. I salute their effort.


  1. Good for u... At least u needed d exercise... Hope u will be able to mk it for d next year walk.. By then, u would be able to invite more pple... I praise ur efforts.. Weldone

    1. This walk was for a worthy cause... I don't have to wait till next year. I'll keep up with the walk (and talk) - create more awareness for what it's really worth.

      Thanks for your comment and join in creating awareness.

  2. Yes, it was fun and educating, the 5km walk, aerobics and the lecture given on all types of cancer. I am glad i didnt miss out on this opportunity. Vouchers promised were given. Lets all stand up to cancer.

    1. This anonymous comment is from the friend that invited me.
      Thanks for inviting me.

      Yeaaa.... let's all stand up to cancer!

  3. You did well to attend given such short notice. I saw pictures on IG and I know its something I would have loved to participate in. Most Nigerians don't believe cancer exists until it affects someone they know. More awareness needs to be created.

    1. More awareness ooo... In little ways we will do our own part in the task.

      Next time, I put you in the know.
      Thanks Evita.

  4. but wait oo,whats the essence of all these walk sef,cos am not understanding.i see people do a walk for one cause or the other ,but hey an average market woman might not even understand this!I prefer a lecture or something rather than walk.
    My opinion tho

    1. Many things don't usually seem to make sense until they make Funnily, the walk that day ended with a Lecture on Cancer and Free screening for male and female alike.

      Anyways, this walk is just one of the ways the organisers (Cancer Aware Nigeria & Oceanic Health) of the walk decided to create awareness on Cancer. Of course, they go organise "lectures, seminars and even free medical screening" for participants.

      You should join the cause BMF... It is a worthy one.

  5. You did well.
    If only cancer can disappear from this world. Its sad! Cancer has killed many people including children. May God help us.

    1. It is so sad, but we have to fight and keep fighting Cancer - We can win.