Wednesday 22 February 2017

Happy Birthday to Moi

I am a day older today. I remember this day; last year… it feels just like yesterday. I spent the day with this set of people (colleagues and Friends); they made my birthday very memorable for me. I remember how they came together and prayed for me, ate my cake and drinks, sang together and snapped some pictures together. That was 2016.

Since my birthday last year, a lot has happened. The road has not been smooth as I really would have loved it to be. Many times I have stumbled, and fallen but somehow I find strength to rise and keep moving; I find hope and an attitude of optimism; I stay as cheerful as possible. Sometimes I miss the point. I think I am trying but days like today reminds me of the “Truth” – It reveals to me more than before that it is all by God’s grace and mercy. 
I am grateful Lord.

There will be eating of cakes and drinking of wines today whether the recession likes it or not. But beyond the marrying, I resolve to keep keeping on in life, for my sake and the purpose of God in my life.

Happy Birthday to me.


  1. Happy Birthday to u.. More of God's blessings and graces

  2. Happy birthday man, never knew we were both Feb born, myne was actually on the 25th. e don tey wey i reach your blog o., am glad i found it back as i lost ur link. congrats and more life ahead.