Sunday 1 March 2015

BRT and I

Do you live in Lagos or have you visited Lagos since 2009? You must have seen the Lagos BRT and even entered it (severally?). What was the experience like? Presently, I seem to be having a very special connection with BRT and I am taking my time to understand it. A friend recently told me that BRT reminds him of MOLUE and I think he has a point...

Do you know that Lagos BRT stands for Lagos Bus Rapid Transit System? It was conceptualized by the former Governor of Lagos state, Tinubu, but came to light in the time of Fashola around 2008. I recall that the government in Abuja was the first to introduce big modern buses for transportation (popularly called El-Rufai). The BRT was better thought-out, as it provides passengers a more convenient means of transportation when compared with the other available ones.   

The BRT became the fastest way to get to various destination in Lagos because of the dedicated lane provided for the buses. This ensured that they evade the popular Lagos holdup. It is cheaper than the regular Danfo.

At the inception of BRT, I was hardly in Lagos because of School and other personal activities, so I had no BRT experience pa-say then, not until recently. I am back to Lagos now and I have had reasons to commute with the BRT regularly and it is becoming an exciting experience for me. You may think me nuts if I tell you that the BRT is becoming one of my favourite places to be in (God

Somehow, I look forward to be in a BRT bus every morning – of course, my journey to work is the motivating factor. And so, I find my way to Oshodi - under bridge in the morning, where I join the queue to board the next available BRT. Sometimes I get lucky, and meet a BRT already loading, other times I wait for minutes, even up to an hour and more before a BRT going to my route appears. By this time, the people on the queue may be numbering up to 200 and counting (am not joking o). I usually use this period of waiting to admire passersby who are usually on a fast pace trying to meet up with whatever… I checkout their fashion sense (many where I dey see no get am o) and their physical attributes (please o, don’t think what I have not said.. eehee).

When I get lucky, I get a sit in the bus. Other times, I result to standing (attachment) just because I need to get to my destination at a reasonable time and can’t put my fate on the next BRT …only God knows when it will come (maybe in another 30mins or more seef). Then I remember Fela's song: "44 sitting, 99 standing - Suffering and Smiling". Seriously, no bi lie.   

When I get to sit, a special inspiration to take a nap comes on me - it nearly always comes. When I am not sleeping, I am pressing my phone, surfing the net and more lately; blogging. ***WinkS*** 
When, I am standing, I am looking out through the window, trying to master the roads or something. Sometimes, I take my time too to look at other passengers in the bus; then I discovered that the sleep inspiration is common to many, if not all. Hmm na wa o. Oya see the evidence yourself.

The passengers place there heads in different ways, and it makes me wonder which position I usually placed mine whenever I slept in the BRT. Stress and Lack of night rest are the obvious forces that invites this sleep spirit. It could be alarming that sometimes, everybody in the bus sleeps except the driver and some people who stand (make I hear say driver follow sleep... na die o). 

There is something about BRT. Don't you think so? 
If you are yet to get this aspect of Lagos sense, then you may need to check your Lagosian status again. *Smiles* 

ABEG O! the pictures here are used not to spite anyone. "I jus use am to talk the story o. Make you no vex if na you dey dir o, abi your friend, papa, neighbour etc... you hear?

Meanwhile, a big thanks to all those who felicitated with me on my birthday especially you Adaeze.

God bless you all and have a great March.


  1. Mehn! I think that BRT has a sedative effect on most of the passengers, see as them do like say dem dey do sleeping competition.

  2. Mehn! I think that BRT has a sedative effect on most of the passengers, see as them do like say dem dey do sleeping competition.

    1. No bi lie o... I no fit shout. Have you had that experience before?