Thursday 25 August 2016

Forget A Friend's Birthday And See - My Story

It was about 10:00PM Monday night. Obviously tired, I earnestly craved for sleep, so I laid on my bed waiting for the sleep to come. As I waited, something prompted me; “you didn’t check your Facebook account today”. So I stretched and picked up my phone… logged on and found a birthday notification. It was the birthday of a friend. Haaa! This friend never forgets my birthday o. Like a tradition, we communicate just once in a year and that’s on my birthday – she never forgets, and look at me completely forgetting her birthday this year again. I summoned courage to call her, though late, but shea they said better late than never?

Facebook; saving friendships since 1999… thank God o. I remember those days we used to have a diary where we indicate the birthday of our loved ones: family and friends. Things have changed over time; ones, I used the calendar on my phone (Nokia 1110) to save the birthday of friends but after the phone got missing I regretted the effort I put into saving all those dates.
I have this friend that is very good with dates. She never forgets the birthday of her friends no matter their number. All you need to do is to tell her your birthday ones and it registers in her brain just like that. Till today, I still wonder how she does it. I barely know anyone’s birthday (confession); I even forget mine sometimes – that bad. Maybe I am over exaggerating shaa, but the truth is I don’t think I have up to 5 birthdays in my block head. Lol
I should have lost many friends because of this birthday issue, but somehow, I logon to Facebook and I am notified of the next person’s birthday. That’s one of the reason I try to ensure that my friends in real life are also my Facebook friends.
Ones, I forgot a friend’s birthday as usual and since I did not visit Facebook that day, never got the notification. The next day I went online and discovered and I was like, “Heeey, I forgot!” So I took the next phone I saw and called nearly immediately. When I mentioned that I was the one calling, she hung up. I was like “huuuh!” I called back like 3 times to no avail…. See one chance o (I know you are beginning to reason something else). Up till now, that friendship has not been remedied.
Last story: My Bae some years back will nearly kill you if you forget the birthday of any member of her immediate family. I used to be like: kini… is it your family I am dating or you nii? Since I didn’t have her family members as Facebook friends, I was always in trouble…lol. Unfortunately (or fortunately), our relationship got severed before her birthday. Sometimes, I just imagine what would have become of me if I forgot her birthday while we were still into ourselves – I for hear am o. Funnily, I didn’t forget her birthday after all and she told me she was happy I remembered even after all that had happened. Now see, on my own birthday she forgot completely. She only remembered after a week when I chatted her up and she apologised. Wetin I fit do naa? Lol.

Birthdays! That day you get to feel special because a lot of people remember you, get in touch with you, pray for you, send you gifts and so on… That day that feels significant to you because of the remembrance of your birth and the beginning of a new age. That same day that is like every other day to many people, no matter what.
When is your birthday? What’s your personal opinion on this birthday palava? How do you feel when your friend/partner/lover forgets your birthday? What do you do when you forget a friend’s birthday?
Meanwhile, Happy Birthday in areas to all my friends here at least for the rest of the year, because I can’t guarantee you that I will remember when the day comes, but I will try not to forget... lols. Happy belated birthday to you if your birthday has passed already.

PS. Our own Nwamaka Ajaegbu of Amakamedia blog, inspired this post in a post she did earlier. See below my comment on her blog and her reply. Click [HERE] to see more.
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  1. You know people believe that some people in their lives should never forget their birthdays if they are important to them. Sometimes, these important people don't realise how high they are placed/valued/talked about and regarded by the celebrant. and then on their birth dates someone will ask them, "did he/she call you on your birthday"?... and then, thats the bomb.....
    To me, in as much you still acknowledged my birthday even though it has come and gone, I will forgive you but not without a little "girlie's Shakara"
    Bottom line.....
    I will never forget the birthdays of people who matter to me.

  2. Lol. Birthday is not a joking matter. I love this post. Well done Ugo.

  3. Birthday's are very important days in our lives. I don't bother if random people forget my birthday but hmmmm if closes friends of mine forget???? it hurts simple!

    I am the queen aka chief of making my friends feel special days leading up to their birthdays. The funny thing is that I sometimes remind some of my friends of their big day.

    Good to know you called. better late than never.

    P.S I never get comment on Amaka's blog I find it a bit difficult. please help.

  4. @sharon i need people like you in my life lolz. Ugo it's a beautiful post and if you forget my own ehenn you are in trouble.@SHARON to comment on Amaka's blog is easy just sign in with your google account..

  5. Happy Birthday to your friend,i agree with sharon,but sometimes work and pressure will even make you forget your birthday

    long time



  7. lol...funny...u had better not forget mine..kidding...u of all should know dat people have a special attachment to their birthdays. at least, it is d day they get to feel "special" about don't blame her..u know wat I mean...smiles

  8. And re u sure u told all d stories...smiles

  9. Forget my birthday will post an article on this blog when I'm done with you....

  10. Hahahaha!!That your bae harsh no be small. Some people really take this birthday thing personal. I remember birthdays a lot that I barely need to check Facebook for a notification. It's just who I am. I know some people like you that genuinely forget their friend's birthday and I feel it's something they can't help. Even if you wish a happy birthday after a week, I'll accept. No big deal.

  11. It does happen sometimes, not anybodies fault at times.

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