Tuesday 16 August 2016

My Wedding Waka-waka

Lately, I have been attending weddings. I probably have attended more weddings this year than I have attended in my whole life put together and the truth be told, I have not attended up to 8 weddings this year (*Cover face*). I guess it is just the stage in life for such activities – attending weddings?
Amara & Ike as they cut their wedding cake
Immaculate & Johnson and their bridal train 
This past Saturday, I attended a wedding at Ajah, somewhere around Songo-tedo… Mehn, that place is far like kilodeee. I went from Ikeja, those who know these two places can tell what I am talking about. I went with a friend and meet up with other friends there. To an extent, that helped me deal with the stress of the journey because there was a lot to gist about and catch-ups to do… It was fun.
I turned up with my friends at Ajah 
I turned up with my friends at Maryland 
How fun could it have been knowing that I would have to go back home through the same distance? I wished I could just teleport myself home after the wedding, but I don’t have that supper power and I no bi wintch…lol. But I had to go home and I got home finished as-in exhausted. I am yet to recover seeef, the more reason why I didn’t get to post this on Monday as I earlier planned. It is well shaa.
Wedding, wedding, wedding... There is so much fuss about weddings. Anyways, in all the weddings I will attend this year, apart from the enjoyment of my favourite Party Rice and all the beautiful singles ladies that feed my eyes with their beauty, I will try to uncover what all the fuss on weddings is all about seeef, from both angles - male and female. I should do a post about it someday.
Somebody is looking at the portion of party rice at my front...lol
I have another wedding to attend on Saturday, 20th August 2016 as Anna weds Amos (a colleague of mine). You are invited ***Tongue out***


  1. True talk it was like I was travelling for a wedding bt in the same state, anywayz I had fun.

  2. Hahaha I love weddings myself but rarely attend. God help me oo because I need people to attend mine too when the time comes.

    Beautiful photos I love the one you took with your Maryland friends.
    Congratulations to the newly weds.

    1. Trust me in this part of the world, you don't even need to invite people to our wedding, they will invite themselves... "Mogbo moya" lol.

      Thanks for your comment.

  3. lol. You're next in line. It's a sign

  4. u like olingo a lot.....that ur rice big oo..but na ur way sha

  5. No party like yorubba Party...hehehehhe

  6. Such nice wedding event. Thanks my friend for these details. At one of the local wedding venues NYC my cousin and her Nigerian girlfriend tied the knot in the next month. It is definitely going to be the prettiest Nigerian ceremony. I am just so excited to see their traditions in reality.