Monday 7 March 2016

Monday Chitchat

Gushhhh! Where have I been? …and no one seemed to miss me. There is God ooo! Anyways, I have missed you as I have always looked forward to this day ever since my last A lot has been happening with me and around me since the beginning of the year and so I activate my blogging mode to share with you.
To all those who wished me well for my birthday, I am most grateful. The birthday mood lasted for more than a week. It has never been heard before now that anything spectacular happened on my birthday, except for the year I bought me a phone to reward myself, but 2016 has changed all that. The cakes were up to 4 and co… lemme spare you the details before I’ll have to start answering query from you.
Someone is admiring ma There is still one more
I am nearly convinced that I’ll name my 1st daughter Adaeze; this is because of my growing admiration for Adaezes. There are a couple of Adaezes on blogsvile, amongst which I know two. You know how you tell someone that they are just wonderful and you can’t explain it, that’s how these two are. I have talked about them severally at times in my previous pots; My Blog mother Adaeze of Chynanu's blog and Adaeze of AdaezeWrites blog, my blog ____ (fill in the gap). On the 29th of February, I met with both of them… It was my first time meeting with AdaezeWrites in real life and I was not disappointed. Her beauty obviously transcends her looks. The few minutes together (3 of us), was spent listening more to her and the substance that came from her spoke volume. As for my blog mother who I can’t count how many times I have seen, she is ever amazing; I don’t know how she does it. So seemingly I was the most beneficiary in the gathering that day… why not? After all, it was tagged “Ugo’s Birthday Hangout”.
L-R: AdaezeWrites, Adaeze (My blog Mother) and Yours faithfully  somewhere in Leisure Mall, Surulere, Lagos
From every indication, this month of March will see me do well on blogsvile, at least better than the previous months already spent this year. I will also introduce guest post here, starting from this week in case you are interested, do me a mail []. Before the week runs out, I will put up a post from a friend. It is very likely that she will post very often here, only time will tell.
We have entered a new working week my prayer for all is this: May God bless the works of our hands.


  1. You looked like you had lots of fin this past week...*smiles*.... Wish you all the best my dear

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  2. See jollyfication. Thank God you had a blast on your birthday. May God bless the works of our hands - Amen

  3. Nyz way 2 spend ur birthday wit friends and family. No doubt u had grt fun on ur way Bt I hv 1 question 4 u.... ENYIA WERE IS MY CAKE??

    It's ur boi Dramzzy (CEO Mr. White Entertainment)
    God bless y'all.

  4. Happy birthday .... I see you had loads of fun.

  5. Finally! I can access blogspot! We had a great time jare.

  6. You chop alone on your birthday oo,chincobee where art thou, how come you are missing in the picture ?

  7. I see you had loads of fun on your birthday....hehehehe.
    It was really nice hanging out with you and Adaeze. I had so much fun.
    Bia, I've been refreshing this page for days now and no'd better start posting regularly ooo...

  8. Ah! So sorry for not wishing you a HBD. The cakes are lovely.