Tuesday 15 March 2016

My Tuesday Morning Travail

Its been a while I wrote a post on Lagos traffic. I no know as e take do me today. 1st I wake up late and that meant that I had to use public transport. BRT was my best bet since I was going to the Island. So, I had to board a bus to Oshodi where I would get a direct BRT to the Island. Na so I enter one danfo from Ikeja and paid #100 for a journey which is usually #50 - dem say na fuel scarcity cause am. The bus went halfway and stopped only to load us in another bus. See me, initially angry with myself for waking up late and thinking of how to reduce my lateness time, na him danfo carry im wahala come. I had no choice but to move into the other bus the conductor for advised us to enter.

In the new bus, I sat at the front so I had to use the seatbelt. Soon enough, we were at Oshodi and on getting to the bus stop, I removed the belt which is more or less a rope (those of you that enter Lagos small busses you know warai mean - I no fit shout...lol). I heard the driver tell me something, he spoke in Yoruba, I could have heard him but my mind wasn't there, not until the bus finally came to a complete halt did I realise what he said "ema ti yo seatbelt yi" (meaning: don't remove your seatbelt yet - don't mind my Yoruba is rusty). A LASMA official opened the door for me and on alighting from the bus, told me that he was going to arrest the bus because of me, then he jumped into the bus and told the driver to go ahead and park well.
So see me, going to work late because I woke up late, then having to change bus due to a reason I am not sure about and now causing a bus driver to be arrested for a reason that didn't make sense to me...phew!
I wish I was able to get at least one picture from the whole drama especially that of the LASMA officer. Why would anyone arrest a driver because his passenger took of his seatbelt at the bus stop just before he brought his vehicle to a perfect stop. It doesn't make sense to me... and to think that the LASMA officer refused to give me a listening ear when I tried explaining to him can be annoying + the fact that I was late already for work.... Grrrrrrrrh! I waited a little but had to go. Throughout the rest of my journey, I kept wandering how the matter was resolved... Your bet is as good as mine.
I met a crazy queue at the BRT station, but luckily the bus was already full and the conductor was calling for those who would like to stand. I hurriedly went for it. Now, I found a consolation... a sweet distraction from all the worries that had built up so far; a beautiful damsel. Lemme cut the sorry short; I only admired her and wished I knew her better than a fellow bus passenger, she was just an Angel from heaven... Lol. But I was late for work.
Mheeeen... Na the gist be that.


  1. Lolz...see how woman make u forget everything..


  2. You should gone after her and forget to go to work. Lol

  3. Lolz Ugo you are not serious..

  4. LOL. I hope it's not unfriendly to say I had a good laugh reading your ordeal. Pele, sho gbo? Hehehe . . .

    Next time you will wake up early.

  5. Awww....the poor bus driver.
    And the damsel...hmmm...you should have spoken to her ooo.

  6. Don't mind those last man, as I dey call them. when those boy beat them up I no dey pity them.


    Waking up late, been delayed with danfo, been stoped by Lasma officers yet you still noticed a lady is beautiful? enh?

    Anyway, right from 1908 till this very moment, what has been killing men is women...so am not surprised sir.

  8. LOL@Uthman. But Ugo you are always or you forget to collect number! When will this single ministry move to the permanent site?

  9. Awwww what a day!!! Ugo. Your story mad me laugh.

  10. Lol. Hilarious, so na the gist be that? Ok o

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