Wednesday 21 January 2015

Naija Politics; What a Wonder


Hello friends. Hope you are aware of the happenings in our country this period. The Elections are just around the corner, and the tempo is building up. Political rallies here and there. Everywhere you turn, you see banners and posters of different sizes and classes. Putting on your television and staying tuned to local channels, its either you see one political jingle or political debate or a live cast of a political campaign being broadcast. Even our cyber space too is not left out (just like I am doing now seeef). “I tire o!” My blogging today is inspired by all these, as I try to make out sense out of a whole lot.

Lately, I have been paying close attention to the ongoing campaigns of the major contestants (of course you know they are just two of them), and I am yet to be excited. I used to think that campaigns are supposed to be gatherings, where aspirants persuade the people to consider voting them. Listening to our major presidential aspirants, I wonder how persuaded I can be. Instead of laying out intelligent manifestos, they call names and attack the personality of their opponents. You hear them feed the audience with lies and obvious false claims of their past achievements and track records. They even go on to make very unreasonable promises, as though they speak to illiterates. Some of them speak like one confused, and you can feel their desperation from  the way they sound. I look at the some of these situations at times and I think to myself; “we are in a mess in this country o... Only God can remedy our situation.”

The size of the crowd that gathers during these political rallies is usually overwhelming. I wonder how these politicians get to gather so many people. You see them chanting to the favour of the aspirant and their parties. If the crowd is being staged, then these people must be doing magic or using jazz to convince these people to gather and make all that noise, because, I can’t ever imagine myself being lured to such gatherings.

Looking at the composition of the crowds, about 80% if not more of the people are youths; as though implying that that is where I am supposed to be (funny I refuse to believe that by every standard, I am better than all the youths gathered there. What could be motivating their presence there? Could it be their love for the person for whose sake they have rallied? Is it in a quest to seek answers to the frustration that is intensely razing the youth population of our country (joblessness and co.)? Or are there special incentives given by these politicians to those who gather on their behalf? I can keep wondering and remain forever baffled. Maybe I should go to one of these rallies and find out things for myself. (lol… you go fear fear naa!)
Crowd in a political rally
Our youths have always been admonished to shun acts violence during the elections. They (we) are told not to allow themselves to be used as tugs to perpetrate unwholesome acts during the electioneering period. Most times, it’s just like talk talk. I wish the society was better. I wish these youths are gainfully employed. I wish their attentions are diverted to more positively engaging and creative activities. Instead, our youth have become so interested in Instant gratification. Can you really blame them? The “just give us the money and we will do it attitude” reigns supreme. Hmm…
I can just imagine a group of youth running away with a snatched ballot box, and another group kidnapping a major political contender in a state or... 
Lemme not deviate too much joor. The situation can be frustrating.

I will keep watching the happenings around the political spheres. It is actions packed with loads of suspense. Silverbird Galleria will miss me this time, cause they cannot show any movie better than Naija Politics.

Keep praying for Nigeria, because I know things will get better.

God is still interested in us as a nation.

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