Tuesday 13 January 2015

Life of Nigerians Should Come First

In the past few days, the foreign and local press has been filled with news of the killing of 17 people in France and the coverage was massive. Leaders from different nations including our own president, Goodluck Jonathan sent consolatory messages to the president and the people of France over the unfortunate incident.

This same period boko haram attacked Baga, destroyed many homes, taking lives of innocent
Nigerians in their numbers argued from as high as 100’s to over 2000 (as presented by different press organisations) and displacing over 20,000 helpless persons from their settlements, including women and children. And this obviously is not the first of their highly despised acts since 2001 when the sect began to metamorphose to what it is today; of course we recall the Chibok girls and a whole lot of other attacks on helpless and innocent people.

Now, I consider these two cases and I cannot but agree to the fact that there is a problem, either with the Nigerian situation or Nigeria’s people.

The Nigerian Situation has become one where the acts of terrorism by the terrorist group – boko haram, is or has become a normal thing and nothing new is new, maybe until the target of their attack is on the politicians and wealthy Nigerians. This is wrong.

As for Nigerians, the Leaders are more interested in getting elected in 2015 at all cost. Some of the followers have become sycophants of these leaders not minding that they underuse their powers or use it wrongly, while some fearfully just want to manage their situation, not really minding if it cost their neighbour’s life, provided that they are safe.

The president is the number one citizen and leader of the country. Taking a look at how he has responded on this very recent terrorist act in the country, I get disappointed. He is focused in retaining power. The re-election campaign of GEJ is one I am yet to come to terms with. It is important to note that within the period I talked about at the beginning of this write up, the president flagged off his re-election campaign in Lagos and spent time talking about Nigeria’s need for liberation and development, the type that will take Nigeria to the moon, nothing about the boko haram sect.

The president and his campaign team waste no time in celebrating Nigeria’s victory over Ebola virus in a very short time, against the expectation of the world. How I wish the president had been decisive on the issue of boko haram at its inception, he could use that victory so well too in his campaign for re-election now. For me really, it is about the worth of human lives and the very need to find any and every means to protect it; I thought that is supposed to be one of the primary aims of the government.

The government of President Goodluck Jonathan in the remaining part of this dispensation, I believe
can still do all it can it exterminate the continuous thrive and existence of boko haram in Nigeria before May 29 2015 when a new dispensation kicks off. If not for anything, the president should see the glory and take a place in the history of our nation as that president that fought and conquered terrorism in Nigeria to the amazement of his people, especially those that has lost confidence in his ability to do so and the entire nations of the world.

Let the unnecessary loss of life of innocent Nigerians stop.

Which kind thing be this seeelf!

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