Monday 29 December 2014

My December and I

It’s been December full of activities for me. From the very first day of the month to this present time, I must say, it has been experienced filled, some of which are first timers for me. The experiences have left me with memories, some of which are nostalgic, but in all I give God the glory.

Praising the Lord in the Nest of Champions
The foremost I can recall, is “the Experience”, a Christian music concert that was organized in Lagos, an event that brought about 600,000 thousand Nigerians together; the highest number of gathering of people I have ever been among at a time. Apart from the fact that many Christian artists, especially the foreign based ones like Don Moen and Donnie Maclurkin, Angela Christy were part of the event, the concert availed me an opportunity to connect with my God in a very special way. Those that around me did not understand the kind of experience I was having. It was at this event that I understood what the bible probably meant when it tried to describe how King David danced to the Lord. I was enriched and felt from deep within a renewed spirit of purpose in life. Two weeks later, in the city of Uyo, I had a similar experience, though with a much lesser crowd, but in a very peculiar environment (the new Uyo stadium – nest of champions) and a different arrangement (a record breaking Christmas Carol).

Generally, the month for me was (is) characterized by loads of feelings, many of which were (are) uncertain, especially because I am moving on to another stage in life. I am presently set to a mode that avails me to any happenings, as it affects me positively… I guess, this is the reason why many of my friends have admired me lately and said that I am just flexing (…and I wish). Yes I have been on the move around – From hustles of Lagos to the serene of Uyo and the transforming Owerri, Orlu and very most likely, the Federal Capital Territory. All these movements have been to the glory of God.

I have come to learn some new things about myself and how to handle some real life experiences as it relates to particular issues and people too. I explored my emotions up to a very dangerous level and was not destroyed (I can only thank God for that). I have also become more acquainted with my roots from a more active dimension (not minding the challenges and fears). I have reunited with friends whom I have not seen for a while. I even visited my alma mater, a place I consider a home, because it was a place of formation of me both educational, character and morals. Now, I am counting on moving on in life.
In my Alma mater on the 25th December, 2015

To all the people that have made my December a worthwhile period, God bless you. 

Now I eagerly look up to 2015 - My Year of Exceptional Transformation.
A pose at the Grotto of IMSU Chaplaincy 

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