Saturday 13 December 2014

Enie | My Twin | Now Married

For a while now, whenever there is a reason to mention her in a conversation, I always describe her as my twin sister. She does not know I refer to her as my twin. You will not understand why I call her my twin, and I am even sure that she may not understand either if she realizes this.

Only today she was committed to a man, one after her heart (I mean she was taken to the altar). I just kept looking at her from afar at the reception of the wedding ceremony with a very big grin on my face and the thought: “what a wonderful world”, in my mind.

Indeed, what a wonderful world. I recall those days back in Ogba, where we once lived as immediate neighbours - the then Block 10, Flat 15 & 16 Ogba Housing Estate. We attended the same primary school and shared many childhood memories together. One of those memories that quickly comes to me, is one we both had bone facture on arm and leg respectively and carried POP at the same time (funny…) I wonder who sent us to jump those stairs. We kept jumping progressively from the first step, to the second and so on until we got to the point where we landed in ways we regretted afterwards (a child’s play you may say…lol).

After we left the estate, distant crept in and the so twins were separated (some how shaa). But I still remember wery well that she has a great personality and she is a goal getter (is there a word like that?). Eniola is definitely destined for greatness and she will touch many lives. One good thing about her upbringing still remains that from the very beginning, till this point she was opportune to grow in the midst of great character builders, a most loving family, great friends and God sent acquaintances. I bless God for all of them especially Papa and Mama Bimbo (great couple), her wonderful sisters; Bimbo, Tunde, Lola and Ini, and Pastor T. Bakare of the Later Rain Assembly (I know she never plays with him).
He is happy he found her. She is happy she has him.

Enestico (as we – the Egwumbas, fondly called her), You have taken your wedding vows today (13th December, 2014), and Pastor(s), Daddy and Mummy, Sisters, friends and all the people prayed for you. God answers prayers and knows what is best for you. Be rest assured that He has blessed you already and your married life will be a continuous manifestation of His blessings.

Cheers… Happy Married Life.

That lady who has been found as a wife is a good thing. ((Winks)) 

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