Thursday 18 December 2014

What I Write

Writing is not necessarily my greatest area of strength… it might not even rank in the top 10, but it consoles me and helps me go through the times. I started this blog early this month, precisely on the 2nd December, 2014 and I had no clue why I stated it in the first place, but every time I feel I should blog, then I find another reason why I started it. I guess it’s high time I think about this very well and decide what I would really use this blog for.
This will be a nice thing to do considering the kind of 2015 I am envisioning (don’t ask me what kind; I would try to find time later to blog about it). But seriously, this blog needs a direction.

While I sort for a direction for the blog, I will keep working on my random thoughts on stuffs as they appeal to me (I guess this is a direction on its own if you give it a thought – I just did. Lol). My very first post on this blog is one I might never end because it seemingly is a series of my unending stories based on how MIXED-UP I get while still growing. Of course, you know that no one stops growing until he stops growing (i.e when God calls him – who knows if growing continues in the world after, but surely not the way it is here in this life). I explore the beauty of being confused and still keeping my head above the waters when it comes to relationship isssh.

But seriously, I will try to be consistent in my writings, especially in writing stuffs that people can read and get a thing or two from it.
I know I have put in efforts in the past to see that my opinions are heard through magazines and newspaper publications (even on national dailies), but I am more convinced now of the need to intensify on my writing and improve on it. This blog will be one of my instruments in achieving this.

Please, I need to beg you beforehand, to bear with my poor writing prowess at the time, and my choice of what to write about. I can only promise to improve by the day and give you quality write-ups in no distant time… so help me God.


  1. Poor writing prowess? Biko don't even think such a thing. You write very well and you have a way of drawing your reader in. You are definitely getting better, your recent posts show how much you've improved and are still improving.

    1. Comforting words, but I am not still convinced I have improved...esp now that I do most of my writings from my phone, in Lagos BRT and Danfo (Public buses). lol.
      I will keep working on my resolve to improve though.
      Thanks Ezenwa.