Friday 15 May 2015

Its a Baby Boy!

Few hours ago, I was greeted with the news that one of my favourite colleague, Madam Beatrice just put to bed. I remember how big her stomach was and how we laughed about its bigness. It was really big o, you need to see it and we always asked her how many babies were inside.

This Madam marveled me so. She worked at her full capacity and gracefully too. Seeing her output at work, one would hardly believe it was from a woman in that condition (very pregnant: 8 - 9months). Early this week, she was forced to begin her maternity leave, knowing that the baby would be coming forth anytime soon. My boss did not want her to put to bed in the office – I wonder what that would have been like.

If I would give it up to the women folk at any time, it would be with respect to maternity. You can hardly fault them. From that moment they conceive, to every moment, as long as a child is involved. The child grows up eventually, but still remains her child no matter what. My imaginative abilities, though very good, cannot still come to terms with what a woman really feels during the 9 months of carrying life in her womb. Not even the pains and joy of delivery from her perspective. Pheeew! I give it up to them. Una doo!

As a man, and prospective father, I can’t even imagine what it would take to stand by her side and give her all the support she needs at the times she needs it (I know it’s all the time shaa… obviously). I can only imagine how much she expects from her man to keep her strong and going. I pity those women who are denied by the man who should be theirs as a result of situation, though the pull through somehow, but how hard it would have to be.

As I write and as you read, many are in these conditions and even more are getting into it; some willingly, some carelessly and others forcefully. I just pray and hope that whichever is the case, their story ends well. For all the pregnant women, I will say this prayer for you like a priest I used to know would: on the day of their delivery, may we hear the cries of their babies and the joy for their mothers.

To Madam Beatrice, God bless your testimony. May this child be a continuous source of joy and happiness to you and your family. This weekend, I am coming to rub powder o…

Least I forget, it's a baby boy.
Welcome to the world Chigozirim Nwachukwu


  1. Congratulations, and welcome to the world. God bless.

  2. Congrats to her! May the baby be a source of joy and pride to them and the world.

  3. Nice write up. congratulations 2 ur colleague.

    1. Thanks Chimere... I can see you finally made it here, thanks again.