Saturday 13 May 2017

Vacation - Finally Over

Hello friends… I have been on a vacation of some sort for some time – about two weeks now. Those that follow me on Instagram (@egwumba01) would have noticed. I decided to spend the vacation not in Dubai or in Jamaica…lol. I decided to spend it in Eastern Nigeria. Yes, I crossed the Niger bridge. Yes, I went back home and to some other places - Awka, Owerri, Oguta, Onitsha, Orlu. Heheheeee...

Funnily, this vacation was carried over from 2016. You can imagine what it had been for me, haven worked for more than a year stretch without break - I wan But I thank God that management in my place of work allowed the vacation carryover to be possible in the first place, many will not.
I think we all need to take vacations at some point. Most of us are so into our works. Our lives may depends on the proceeds of our work, but if we don’t nurture our lives by finding time to take a break, rest and rejuvenate, we do ourselves more harm and might end up not enjoying the goodies and proceeds of the labours of our hands; I consider this, injustice to ourselves.
We work and overtime we feel stressed, even though for one reason or the other, we often fail to admit it. God knows, if I had worked 1 more week, I would have crashed badly (God forbid). Stress is one of the worlds leading killer of people. It breaks our system’s defense mechanism, predisposing us to sicknesses and diseases.
My leave has come and gone… I wish it continues but a man has to be a man or as my brother would say, “man must wak”, this means I must wear my back-to-work mode. My performance and attitude at resumption has to reflect freshness, vigour, vibrance, dynamism and what have you.
Companies, both private and public should encourage their staffs to go on leave as at when due… it helps the general effectiveness of the companies/organisation and this is a proven fact.


  1. Awesome. Welcome back. I can imagine how refreshed you look and feel after spending time in the village. The effect of fresh food, fresh air, fresh rest, fresh sleep, etc cannot be undermined.

    1. Eeeeerm... did I rest? I don't think so. I kept moving from here to there to play catch-up with times. But I enjoyed fresh air though and plenty village mango. **Smiles**

      It's good to have you stop by Nwamaka.

    2. About the mangoes, I was quite jealous when I saw the picture on Instagram. LOL! Working for more than a year without leave is risky o! Most times we get caught up in the system and just keep going forgetting we're not robots. I'm yet to cross the Niger bridge's on my travel bucket list.

      Evita In Progress

    3. Evita, you don't mean it! You are yet to cross the Niger bridge? That's an interesting fact. You need to prioritize it on that your travel bucket list o.