Monday 5 June 2017

Take Two Chocolates

Hello Fams… How has it been? This is my first post in the month of June. I am excited for quite a number of reasons, you can’t imagine. But there is something that is bugging me…  Lemme go straight.
A senior colleague of mine just returned from vacation abroad. Now, on the day she resumed we were all excited, welcoming her like Christiano Ronaldo returning back after the Champions league victory…
“It’s good to have you back ma, we missed you while you were away”. I told her, with a big grin, not even sure if I was telling the  truth.
So see me waiting to see what she brought for us o. It’s not like I am the only one o… other colleagues my level especially were also expectant too (so you don’t come and be thinking I am a long throat). Lemme not forget to add that she came to work with a big nylon and her normal hand bag (...whatever was in the big nylon). 
8:00AM, 9:00AM… 3:00PM, this madam was still telling us stories of her vacation o… all the flexing and the cold that was catching her in the “obodo-oyibo”. Of course her husband was there to help her pass through the times with sweet memories. But seriously, I was not there o, so if you believe that part of this gist, you are so on your own… lol.
Eventually, just after closing, the cleaner in the office started going round with a pack of chocolate sweet.
Not this chocolate o... lol

“Take two” she said.
The excitement of anticipation crashed as I was so sure that I wouldn’t get more than this chocolate. Na wa o! So I took three chocolate sweets instead, after all the waiting. 

Mtcheeeew! All these pipu seeef, that is how they will travel to ablod and comeback and be sharing chocolate. I tire for dem o. Or is it because when I went to village for my small vacation, I did not bring Mango for them?
"But why was I expecting something at all", I thought to myself. What is wrong with me seeef? Anyway, I have learnt my lesson like I have done severally in the past too. Don't expect much from people. In fact, don't expect anything from anybody. If something comes from them, be thankful and move on. If nothing comes from these same people, your hopes still remain intact, at least not on them.

I have started thinking of what I will buy for all these people when I travel to my own obodo oyibo when the time comes. May be I'll buy chocolate too for them too, and just include gums to make it better. Whoever helps to share them will be like: "take two chocolates and two gums too..." Lols.

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