Sunday 22 February 2015

Happy Birthday to Me

I just love the feeling
I am young, though growing old
Well, we all grow old
...and I do not regret it,
It is a privilege many don't get.
I thank God for making me a year older today.

Looking back at the year just past,
All I see are memories to be thankful for.
I had my cares, worries and tears.
I had my hopes, joys, happiness and many laughs.
I came by many people; friends, buddies even foes.
For all the times in the year past; I am thankful.
I miss the past,
But I am more interested in what the future has to offer. 

I wasted some chances …I did.
I missed some breakthrough,
Some friends left me.
I offended so many,
I gave some false hopes.
I ask for forgiveness.
Sometimes, I feel I could have done better,
But I have to move on.

This New Year is mine.
I will make amends of my past,
I resolve to be a better person.
I won’t let myself down.
I will try not to let you down too.
I will live a more purposeful life.
In my little ways, I will add value to my world.

Thank you for reading.
Thank you for being the part of the beginning of my new year.
For all the people who remember me today,
and send their good wishes,
I say “sosongo.
Abasi odionfi …Kinsi sisisi.” (Ibibio)

I am blessed.
It’s really a birthday of privilege.

Happy Birthday to my birthday mates too:

Chika Ezeh, Agu Cynthia, Ikechukwu Olanrewaju Onuoha, Uzoagukwe Olivia et all.....

May God make us all bigger...Amen!


  1. i celebrate with you my dear friend, wishing you a fulfilled life