Saturday 14 February 2015

How I will Spend my Valentine's Day

Its St. Valentine’s Day…hippie! The joy of the day is usually immeasurable, especially for those whose heart has been targeted by that arrow on the string of the bow. Please if you are the one holding the bow, make sure you aim at your target well; don’t miss it and don’t shatter the heart using a wrong archery technique. What is your technique today? How did you plan to spend the day? I guess you would like to know mine…

Some people have taken their time to plan the day for that special one. Some just take on the day as it comes not having any special plans or arrangements and they don’t disappoint. Some fall in my category: those who seem not to know if there is really any one person that should be the target of such energy on a day like this… and so I have been thinking; how do I spend my St. Valentine’s Day?

On the eve of Valentine day, a friend of mine who I was chatting with on BBM asked me how I would spend my Val's Day. Knowing my kind of person, She said: “It’s either you spend it in Church or with your friend”.

I had a very busy week, and didn't have time to ask myself how I would spend Val's Day. Now it has come to me. I took a minute then and thought about it.

“I am thinking; bed and my television control” was the response I gave afterwards.

Expecting a better reply from me, and not getting it, she protested “But you should really do something. Take your nice or nephew out. Visit motherless babies if you can. Give someone around you an unexpected reason to smile. Doooo ssooommmeeetthhiinnnggg… Anythiiinnng!”

I took a slightly deep breath and considered the options she had suggested. I even gave thoughts to the "something or anything" I could do. Thank God she didn't mention my girlfriend. 

“Guy you wan die… you no go rest?” there goes a voice in my head. Suddenly, I felt the stress of the week come down on me again. Then I heard the voice in my head echo “…you no go rest?”.

“I will give myself a very good reason to smile… How about that?” Happy that I have given the best answer I could come up with.

“Well… that’s selfish and love is anything but that. I am sure you will figure it out.”

Is she trying to make me feel bad about how I have decided to spend my Val’s day or what? Hian…! But I know what I am saying sha... Selfish or no selfish, that is her business. If only she knows why I have chosen that path.

Trying to defend myself, I told her; “A man should start the show of Love by loving himself first.”

Then I went scriptural; “It is someone who has removed the splinters in his eyes that has the moral right to remove the log in another person’s.”

“You have a point dear, but you’re supposed to have loved yourself all this while.”

Somehow, I was glad she succumbed to my reason, even not totally. ***Smiling face***

You may be thinking that there is more to my reason for spending my St. Valentine’s day the way I have mentioned. You may also be wondering if I do not have a girl to impress on this almighty February 14. I will leave you to wonder. lol.

A friend tried buttressing the fact that the kind of hype we give to Feb. 14 is wrong and it brings undue anxiety upon many. It has resulted to many making wrong moves on the day, and left the rest of the year for them to regret (the female folk being more the victim of the day).

St. Valentine’s Day is all about Love and expressing it. How you do it is very important. Are you planning on giving gifts, your time or your energy? Are you taking the romantic approach or the frienship for friendship-sake approach (whatever that means). If you are confused on how to express it, I may suggest you read the story of the person who the day focuses on; St. Valentine. Better still, there is one who is Love himself and that person is God…He came down from heaven in Jesus and showed us the perfect example of Love (John 3:16).

What is love really all about? If you still need to be cleared, read what St. Paul had to say in 1st Corinthians 13: 4 -7, this will help you understand more.

You may be in love with someone, know this; love exhumes our imperfections as human, so don’t expect that it will always come well (only pray it does), ...and that is why love understands. God is Love and it is only in Him that love in its perfection can be found. Let your heart love, but let your head guard your heart. Let your senses express the love and very importantly, let God be carried along in trying to love. He will guide you (even from the heartbreaks of human).

Lemme use this opportunity to wish Happy Birthday to a brother and friend, Valentine Agbazue (wee haa!), and to all those celebrating in one way or the other today I wish you all a Lovely celebration.


  1. Love the write up. Most times when we fix our plans into a particular way there will always be the things we miss out. The next time we make plans we can just fill out the missing part and someone else who suggest another thing and that becomes a missing tool. Either way, let's show some love everyday to everyone that we see. To me that's valentine.

    1. Your comment is valentine to me. Thanks Lola.

  2. Nice post, you had me laughing at removing the log in your eyes. Self love is indeed very important but the most important love can be found in John 15:13, greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.

    1. I am glad you took your time to read... That's love too.
      I wish we really have more of the John 15:13 love in our world today, things would have been better.