Sunday 21 June 2015

So its Father’s Day Today?

So today is father’s day? I could hardly tell, even though I went to church and at the end of Mass the priest wished all fathers a Happy Father’s day. It was not until I got home and saw the notification from my Blog-Grandma’s blog (ErnieshaTibs): “Happy Father’s Day to My Husband”, that it dawned on me. That post is so touching; a post inspired by true love for her man. I felt like crying at the (Make I hear). 

I don’t know if it is just in this part of the world, but fathers are hardly celebrated. When I watch our Nollywood home videos,: **Emeka, now in the city and doing well decides to go see his ageing parent in the village; he buys all sorts of goodies ranging from jewelleries, cloth materials (wrappers), shoes etc. for his mum and ends up buying Hot drink, bitter kola and walking stick for his father.** This might be a written script being acted out, but I bet you, it is not far from what happens in real life.
What did fathers do to deserve little or no recognition? I ask this question because in no distant time I will also become a father too and I would really love to be celebrated as much as the mother of my children – my darling wife-tobe (shines teeth). Funnily, the situation has become so bad, so much so that fathers would not even  celebrate themselves – that’s why I trust mothers and women generally, if you don't celebrate them, they will celebrate themselves like that shaa.  
Unfortunately, existence has not given me the kind of opportunity I really wish to have had, to spoil my father the way I should. I used to be his daily hand bag, until he couldn’t help it but to let me alone. Though he left for a better place, I still feel him hold me by the hand especially those times I go for a stroll, as though instructing and telling me those things he couldn’t tell me when he existed in time and space. Somehow, every day I learn from him and I wish I could show my gratitude.  But what better way to show my gratitude if not to live an exemplary life and reach for heights greater than my father could attain. I am sure he will be smiling from the heavens at the moment.
Not all fathers are good models. Many have messed up themselves and dragged their families into it. I am not ignorant of the fact that many children are not happy with their fathers as some will not want to have anything to do with them. Some even change their surname as they disown their father completely. This should not take the shine from those fathers who have constantly remained outstanding. Who will continue to be shining role models to their children, wife and everyone around them. Those fathers who will go the extra mile to ensure that there is food, clothing and shelter for their family. Who will work even extra hours on tedious jobs and sometimes in strange lands just to see that their children go to school and their wife can still be counted among other women in the society.
Respect to fathers this day. May God make you better men and fathers and may the world begin to give you the recognition you deserve for your efforts in the family and the society at large.

If you still have your father around, don't ignore him. Show him much love and respect he deserves.
Happy Father’s day to all the Father’s in the World.


  1. Nice post true

  2. Yes our fathers deserve more. They do great jobs and deserve to be appreciated not just on fathers day. Happy fathers day to all responsible father. Happy fathers day Ugo.

    1. It's good to have you come around here. Thanks for the Father's day wish to me ***feeling like a father now*** lol

  3. Oh Papi...what can I say? I got stuck reading this post...your dad must be proud of you wherever he is....You know Papi...I am really grateful for your support...really I am....and you know, I dunno if anyone has told you this....buh you write really well. It is almost like I can hear you....and that is really cool. Like I said, I am a fan and that means, you get to drop more posts for me lah...hehe

    1. G-Mami, if you are a fan, are you standing or Its a joke ooo! Much respect to you. I draw loads of inspiration from you through your blog. It makes more sense each time I pay a visit, what Mami (Adaezenwa) says about you; a great lady.

      Aspa support, you have my support, but I had yours first **winks**
      Cheers G-Mami!

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  5. I feel for you bro. Our fathers also needs the same kind of attention mothers get from their children. With love from kayode

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