Sunday 28 June 2015

Thankful for June

The month is finally coming to an end and verily verily I say unto you, this will be my last post in the month of June. The month has been great for me here; despite my tight schedule, I still manage to put up posts the same number as I have done for the past three months now, and I got your support all the way from your visits, reads and comments (*amazing*).
 I would have fallen short of this if not for the constant push from my Blog Mother (the lovely Adaezenwa) and my Blog G-Mother, who has been my greatest revelation for the month (Erniesha Tibs). They are just too much like that. 

I have learnt a lot from blogging this month. I have come to realise even more, that the world can’t be too small neither can it be too big for everyone. The world can only be what it is from the perspective of what you make of it. The world is just as we perceive it to be.
I have been checking out blogs, especially Nigerian blogs, and I am amazed at the level of talent and knowledge showcased in its variety. Again, I just keep discovering and discovering new blogs and bloggers and they keep blowing my mind. For this, I don’t mind spending that extra time checking up on the new posts of my favourite bloggers (which you are one), or discovering new blogs and expanding my horizon.
I bless the day I joined blogville. It’s still the best thing that has happened to me in recent times. Thanks to you; you have continually been an inspiration to me. Indeed, I am thankful for June.
May July be more awesome than June for you and I IJN…


Any expectations from me in July? Kindly lemme know in your comment.


  1. Nigerian bloggers are amazing! There's so much writing talent in naija.
    What are my expectations from you in July?
    1, no more incomplete gist... we need full details jare
    2, blog more often my darling, I love reading your posts.
    3, we definitely have to go to the palms next Saturday
    4, keep being the awesome Ugo.

    1. I see; My 4 points agenda for July from Mami...hmm.

      Point 4 will just have to come natural as always.
      Point 3 is long Saturday is great (I can't wait).
      As for points 2 & 1, I will have to set up a 4 man committee to look critically into it... lol.

      G-Mami will now come with her own 10 Points agenda now ooo... yeee!

    2. Lol! That's exactly what she can do, she keeps you on your toes!

  2. I feel the same way. Blogsville just keeps getting better. Happy last post of the month Ugo lol

    1. Thanks Tom-Tomi... Its good to have you back from where ever you have been. I must say that you stand tall in blogville and you should keep up your good works esp the creativity shown in your posts ...I admire that about you.

  3. **pops collar** He mentioned me!! **side eyes at everyone** lol. Papi, I think all I expect from you in July would be 5 posts per week **side eyes** I mean, I am a fan right? So I get to have a say and it is totally and utterly unfair to starve your fan **bangs table in protest** Give the people what they want lah! hehe......I love this space mehn! Please blog more often eh...

    1. Lol...5 post per week kee? ...or was it a typo error? Abegi o!
      G-Mami, I can only promise to improve on my monthly performance for the month of July, that's all I can say for now. Thanks for loving this space.