Thursday 18 June 2015

My Meal Timetable

Came back from work not too long ago and I am tired and famished, I can eat a house now. Life these days have not been any easier, not because of anything in particular but feeding… that’s why I hate bachelor life. I didn’t even know when I got to this point – being a bachelor.

Too bad, I was not brought up eating mama-put and eatery food or snacks, if not this post would be a waste of time. I grew up eaten food cooked at home, no matter who prepares it and the outcome. Of course, the two best cooks in my world are my Mum and Sister, every other person to me is still a learner, until I am convinced otherwise. One of my brothers is very good at cooking to shaa… he makes me wonder where I was when he was learning the cooking art.
Anyways, I no dey carry last shaa… I can boil rice, yam, spag, beans, prepare tomato stew, concoction jellof, make Tea, Pap (Ogi), Oatmeal and ultimately Indomie (and so on). God bless those Chinese people (or whoever) that came up with the Noodles concept; they have made life a little more easy when it comes to spending less time in the kitchen and eating sharp-sharp food prepared in your pot. I am sure our ladies especially those in school (and those serving) know what I am really talking about; they seem to be the highest consumers of that product.
Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I love Noodles like that, but I love the fact that it can always be the last option when other option keep racking your head. Lately, I found solace in it, but I am tired already. I really need to spread my options and explore food in its varieties (balance diet being a great consideration).
This brings me to the main reason why I put up this post in the 1st place. Since I can only eat at home in the morning and at night, I need to draw up a Meal Roster and I need your advice at least, within Monday any Friday, breakfast and dinner. Every advice will be taken seriously and put into proper consideration. Before the end of next week my experimental meal menu for the next 2 weeks will be drawn and followed (so help me God). Please don’t worry about how I will actualize it daily and please too, don't advise me to go and marry now o, let’s leave that matter for latter mbok.
Let’s see how it goes…


  1. Me I always eat at work in the morning cos I get up too early to eat breakfast at home. Except I cook and take it along. You can make stew and soup during the weekend so in the morning you can cook spaghetti or rice. At night you can make eba or something. And sometimes when you're too tired just eat noodles

    1. Tom-Tomi, I thought about this too o. Make soup and stew...hmm. Anyway, I am up to the task: my tomatoes stew and biafran! I should start learning how to eat outside jooor.

  2. I agree with Tomi on this one, make stew and soup during weekends and keep them in the fridge. So once you come back you could cook any dish you want with them..
    Pele dear being a bachelor is definitely not easy.

  3. Gabby speaks; Soup, stew, fridge... its not easy like that o. I will try it sha... lemme see how it would go.

  4. I had to catch up on posts I missed....Oh dear....**covers face** don't wanna know what my eating routine is all bout...buh you know eh..just eat healthy Papi...major meals for breakfast tho'...I could eat yam every day of the year buh I can't ask you to do that eh...**covers face** hehe.....

    I am gonna add your blog to my list so that I don't miss a post from you....I am addicted to this whenever I don't see a post in 3 days....I will be banging on your door eh....

  5. 3 whaaaat! I need to employ a standby carpenter den i'm sure my door won't be able to stand the ...hmm, so yam is your best? Cool - so you must know variety of ways of preparing it...great!

    I will do my best to eat health... Thanks G-Mami.