Saturday 6 June 2015

I Have Seen your Blog

Lately, I have felt so lazy blogging. I have been more contented reading post on other blogs and I am not regretting it one bit. There are very passionate bloggers and I admire their style, courage and consistency. In fact, lemme mention some of them here in no order of preference. I love all of you. 

Chynanu’s blog, that’s my blog mother’s. I love her creativity especially when she tells a story. Eheen… She usually takes me down memory lane with the love songs and hymns she posts frequently. I heard many of those songs only when I was a tataa. Tom-Tomi is one person who caught my attention with Gele (head tie ooo!) and since then decided to break my heart by not wearing gele to weddings again. But the babe can write. There is this aura around her blog that I am yet to assimilate. Adaeze is my blog novel, my best seller on blogvile. She has this thing for telling stories. If you haven’t been to here blog, then you are missing.
The young and confused gang is one community in the blogvile that is not a community; Duru being the oba there. …my course mate back in the university who never hides the fact that he is more confused than you, except in following-up on his set goals. I remember back then in our 1st year at the university when he spoke a lot about being Martin Luther King of our time... but he will be the first to chicken out when a matter comes up. I feel nothing but proud of him each time I get a notification from his blog. He will make you read for 30 mins and thank you for only 7 mins you spent on his post. That guy seeeef! Duru’s blog mother Janyl Benyl, whose name I am still learning how to pronounce, has a great blog. From her blog I appreciate how she inspires Duru, even though she is in no way confused as he is.
Pheezy is one blogger who has a very special way of instructing her readers. I am always on the lookout for her post. Gabby speaks to all who cares to listen; I always listen. She has inspired me in many ways. One day, I will get to tell her myself. Linda Chukwu and I share something in common: I am so sure she doesn't know yet... anyways she will soon get to find out. Agatha doesn't joke with breaking any trending news to you. She is my CNN in this arena. 
Mwamaka is one angel in the blogvile. Everywhere I go, I see her good will; I don't know how she does it, but she does it. Mr Adele too ooo... He is the number one convener of the black Jesus concept. For him it is not just a concept, but a fact. The man can be everywhere o. I will call him a godfather in blogvile.
Hear Ifeoma out as Gabbyspeaks. You need to read for yourself and know what things she speaks about. Debby is a very recent blogger (I guess) in the vile and she has killed me already with her poems; check her out

Is it Anita who tells her personal story from the soul? Una plenty jare... Sharon, Oyinlola, Meggy...  I can't fit mention you all, but know that I have been reading your blogs. I may not have dropped a comment yet, but I do read your blog, and you guys are the best.



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  2. Thanks for the mention dear. Much appreciated. Off to visit these other blogs I don't know about

    Molola's Blog

    1. I love the way the network of bloggers keeps expanding too. Tomi-Tomi, thanks for thanking me.

    2. I agree the network of bloggers is expanding. Thanks to Duru for bringing these wonderful bloggers who are truly beautiful people into my space.

      Thanks for the comment too, I appreciate your comforting words. Cheers to amazing years as we change the world with our impactful person at a time 🍻

    3. ...and change the world we would.
      Thanks for coming around.

  3. My beloved son... I am proud of you...