Thursday 12 November 2015

Gratitude for 5 and more...

I was nominated by my blog boo that’s got a boo, Chincobee for a challenge – Gratitude Challenge. It’s quite a rare challenge and I totally buy into its concept – getting people to appreciate even more, the power of being grateful and showing it. So without wasting so much time, I will just do what I am asked to do for the challenge: state 5 things I am grateful to God for here and more in my
In Gratitude I lift up my hands, voice and heart to the Lord
1.      For life: Life encompasses being born and the air we breathe. It is hope for tomorrow; it is assurance of a better existence after our existence on earth is done. It is all a wonder, one that leaves only these words left in my mouth “thank you Lord”.
2.     For health: You don’t know how lucky you are in your good state of health until it fails you. “God in heaven I am so grateful for the health you give me. I ask that you continue to sustain me and keep me in good health of body, mind and spirit…Amen”
3.     For family and friends: This is where you come in. What is life without the people that make thing happen around you? …and so for you, and every of my family and friends, I am thanks to God. May He continue to keep you.
4.     For a world: That meeting point where all the forces are allowed operation to a level. Where you see the good the bad and the ugly, where we are born into and live. A place we journey through to the unbiased world. In all these, we are not yet of this world… only God’s goodness can make this be. Thank you Lord.
5.     For God’s faithfulness: for as many times like all the time we have not deserved him as our God, He still remains our God. I am so grateful Lord.
My Nomination
1.      Nkem of Homeworth Interiors Blog
2.     Uthman Saheed of My Lovers Trick Blog
3.     Carina Jacobs of CKJacob’s Blog
4.     Nma Ojike of Nma’s Blog

5.     Duru’s of the Young and Confused Blog 
Here Are The Rules:
·        You have 72 hours to accept the challenge when you are nominated, or nothing…lol (just keep it on, it could be fun taking up the challenge too)
·        Write or say 5 things you are grateful for on any social media platform. (even if your name is not amongst the 5 I wrote, you may go ahead, because I had you in mind taking up this challenge)
·        Display a picture of gratitude. A picture of something simple that makes (or made) you smile in a day. It is not an opportunity to show off how rich you are. Let it be something that is simple (and inexpensive) yet a blessing. Catch my drift? OK. 
·        Nominate 5 other people in your circle. Ensure that you inform them about their nomination. 

P.S. In a very special way, I wish a Fabulous Birthday to the prolific one and only Duru Adulphus Chukwunonso Jnr., my growing old young and confused friend, classmate, course mate, church mate, gender mate and brother…lol. If you don’t know him on blogsvile, then you are a learner o. Where is the parry at bro?


  1. God is everlastingly faithful even when we remain unfaithful
    Thanks Ugo

  2. I will ever be indebted to my Maker for the gift of life. He alone is worthy of my praise

  3. Gratitude brings multitude of blessings.
    I thank God for life

  4. A heart of tanksgiving matters a lot

  5. In the midst of so many things to be grateful for, I'm most grateful for life,family and good health.

  6. So many blessings God has been so good to me i can't lie..

  7. be thankful in all situations... an important lesson for us all

  8. God is great. We give thanks.

  9. Azzzzz in enh, the picture says it all....