Tuesday 17 November 2015

I wrote JAMB up to 4 Times

Previously, I did a post on 5 things I am grateful for, in a gratitude challenge I was nominated. I took up the challenge but didn’t complete it as was instructed. I was expected to contact the 5 people I nominated to inform them, but I failed to do so. Up till now, I am not sure they have all seen the nomination and those that have seen it, I am not sure they have responded to it yet. The rule says they should acknowledge the nomination within 72 hours. That should have elapsed by now. Well…?
While I was seeking for admission to study in the university, I did the usual thing – write JAMB. I think I wrote it up to 4 times seef… if not more; it doesn’t mean I am olodo o… *smh* I am not an efiko either. Anyways, I have always had this feeling that before I got admission in the school I graduated from, I got admission in Nnamdi Azikiwe University (Unizik), a school I chose as my 1st choice at least 3 of the earlier times I applied for JAMB.
You know how you get so lazy to follow our dreams that when the dream finally becomes a reality, you won’t know... This is my story: One of those times I wrote JAMB choosing UNIZIK, I did every thing necessary needed to have been done including scoring above 200, writing post utme and so on... I guess the only thing I did not do, or do well, was to follow up properly, especially when the admission list was out. Deep within, I was convinced I would get the admission, but in my reality I never did. Somehow, I still feel I got that admission and never knew I did.
I have this friend who registered for JAMB to study Computer Science, but when he got the admission was given Industrial physics. When the list came out, he checked the list of Computer Science which he applied for, both 1st list and 2nd and noticed his name did not appear in any. He only got to know he was granted admission when someone who knows his full name checked on the list of Industrial Chemistry in search for another name. If not for this guy…? Since then I always advice those hoping to get admission in a school to check all the lists from every department before giving up or getting all excited.  
For every system that is, there should be a feedback system that works. Feedbacks help you to track the progress you make and it helps suggest on how to augment or modify on what you are doing so that your efforts doesn’t seem wasted at all. It helps improve and ensure success rate. It might not particularly be only in the big projects we embark on. Everything we are involved in in life no matter how small it is would do better with a good feedback system. Feedback works.
Let’s try this feedback thing and see if there is any difference in outcome from what you usually do especially your mentality and approach to things and the success rate.
I wish you well.



  1. Back in my day, passing Jamb didn't mean you were a scholar ooo...it was all about luck and fighting through with whatever score you had. I was in the set before the first post ume students came in and at first, the post ume was the most credible way of admitting students but now, with the laws in the University's hands, not everyone that merits admission gets it. I attended Uniben and I know that the first post ume students that got admission into uni scaled through their first exams with A's sef.
    However, I love the point you raised that people should check other department's list for their names as Nigerian universities are so used to giving people courses that they didn't apply for.
    I love your honesty Ugo, plus this post is so helpful. Lemme run and tell my little ones who are already angry that they didn't make the list.

  2. i think i sat for Jamb two times.the firws i did myself i scored 174,the second one was a special center *sideeye*i scored 252 by then i had already gain admission into diploma class,my name was in the merit list jamb sent to my school,i was overly excited when i saw my name in Punch newspaper.Thats how i got my full admission into the school


  3. Jamb be jamming people since 1900.lol! I never knew it was this stressful then to get a feedback from your school of choice.I was quite little when my siblings wrote jamb but I guess their struggle might have been similar to yours. I wrote jamb and post utme once. Thank God for that. We all got feedback via the internet. It wasn't stressful in anyway because when the admission list came out,all we had to do was buy scratch cards and check on the school's portal.


  4. I will still call u olodo.

    As for jamb, I wrote it thrice.but it helped me to understand the technics of reading. I was determined to come out with good grade and I did it.

    As for feedback hmmmmm...see you accusing me sef so na same boat we dey...

  5. I never had such experiences because I didn't sit for JAMB. Didn't just want to waste my precious time repeating the exam every year. I gained admission through direct entry. Do I have a colleague in the house? shines eyes :-)

  6. our experiences bottles us stronger... am glad ur experience made u a better person... mine? u dont want to know o... but soon u will... as am compiling an article soon to release...