Sunday 17 January 2016

My Offering Jumble

Happy Sunday friends… Hope your day went well. As many of you that are Christians, hope you went to church today, and went with the right spirit and attitude. You know…, it is tiring and frustrating knowing the number of churches in our land and still seeing things slide speedily from bad to worst. Anyways, that’s not the focus of this post. I want to tell you what happened to me in church today.
Praise the Lord… heheheeee! So it was time for Sunday offering today and because I sat around the back side of the church, had to join the offering procession from behind. Now, imagine the singing that must have been going on and my dancing considering that I went to church a little excited about how well my 2016 started.
Before I go on, I should let you know this: as good as I like the beginning of 2016, I am very broke at the moment (Christmas/New Year holiday palava). I sometimes wonder how I manage to still keep up a smile – somehow I check my wallet more than I open my refrigerator in a day, in fact I have stopped using wallet for now, cause I don’t see the relevance…lols.
So lemme go on: I joined the procession and as danced on to the altar close to where the offering basket was. Up to this point, when I was just 4 persons away to the offering box, I dipped my hand into my pocket to bring out my offering money, believing it was just a hundred Naira in that pocket. Something quickly pricked my mind to check the money I brought out from my pocket. Still dancing, I peeped at my “offering money” in my fist, then got the shock of the moment; it was a thousand naira. Haaaa! How come naaa? Oow this is my last card I was keeping for the rainy days. What is it doing in my hand as I get close to the offering basket? Loads of thought flooded my head and I was now two persons away to the basket. Like on impulse I quickly dipped my hand into the other pocket, grabbed the first thing I felt like cash… it was now my turn to drop my offering into the box. I quickly dropped what I could fetch out first, not even checking it. "Na wa ooo…. na so I for drop 1k for inside offering box weh owu dey do me like this?" How did that woman in the bible manage to put all she had into the offering jar in the temple… Omo, na faith o!

But if you were in my shoes, would you do like I did or otherwise? Biko tell me o.
Ahaaa! the weekend is over. Monday again... pheeew! God take control and give us the strength we need for the week. 


  1. Lol.... I thing we all have struggled with what to give and what not to give as an offering at some point in our lives. However, as you grow and mature in the things of God, you will begin to understand the benefits that comes with giving rather than how much you give. To me, what matters is your heart and not the amount. Next time please package your offering/Tithe from home, pray over it and take it to church. That is what I do. I hope this helps anyone struggling cheers

  2. One of the keys to unlocking supernatural doors is by giving. Giving God your last wouldn't have left you broke, it would just make you trust him all the same through the tempting seasons.

  3. Hahahaha @ still dancing, I peeped at my “offering money” in my fist, then got the shock of the moment; it was a thousand naira. Haaaa! How come naaa? That got me reeling! I have a story quite similar to yours. So, I went to Benin to tidy up some stuff last year and went to church with a friend. When we got to church, I found that the offering rounds were quite plenty and my money quickly ran out as I was standing up for either this offering or that. By the time we got to the last thanksgiving which was a must for everyone, I didn't have any other money on me except the money I had withdrawn for transportation to PH the next day and it was in one thousand naira notes. When it got to our turn to get up from the seats, I opened my purse and took one thousand naira but my friend saw me do that and looked for ways to break the money down for me, anyhow, we sha broke down the money and off we went for the offering.
    Giving to God is really good and trusting that even after giving our last dimes, God will still provide is better. That's Trust!
    And as per the broke part, yea...January is mostly dry but things will get better as we proceed into the year.
    Happy new year again.

  4. This story made me laugh, you sef!
    When I was in 100level, there was a time when I was so broke that all I had left was ten naira and my parents travelled to the village so no hope for money until two or three days later. I went to fellowship that evening and dropped that ten naira into the offering basket, going to fellowship was a struggle because I knew I'd have to give that last card.
    When I got back to the hostel, my friend had been looking for me so I went to her room and she told me that her elder sister who was a doctor in UBTH gave her something for me. It was a one thousand naira note, I fell down and wept.
    If you love someone, you'd give your last card to make them happy. It is the same with God and that is how the widow was able to do that! Do you know the marvellous part? He will repay you in a thousand fold.

    1. Awwwwwww! God works in a mysterious way. Ways we cannot understand.

      It's all about faith

  5. I have heard something similar..Had to read again to be sure it wasn't a joke...

    Anyways, God loves a cheerful giver so give cheerfully UGO...Where is thy FAITH? it starts from little things like this ooooo

  6. This is a very funny story and I can so relate. Sometimes your faith have to be so strong on this issue eehn, as for me it depends on my mood. If am so gingered like having faith that God will do more if I drop the last,and it usually come to pass, I get more but some days na Oyo.

    That January blues is everywhere my brother, na to manage we dey, na so my sister come put wedding for January, see GOBE

  7. hnmmmm, to be honest with you, I wouldn't have done likewise if I were to be in your shoes. I say it as it is, no need to pretend. It takes a whole lot of faith to drop your last penny in the offering box.

    Alabekee's Blog

  8. let giving be a part of you!.. it pays to give

  9. Hahahaha!! I can imagine the look on your face when you saw the 1k note. I usually arrange my offering from home so I don't find myself in such situations when its time for offering. But sometimes you have to give till it hurts. That's one way to truly give. But in this case I understand your situation.