Friday 22 April 2016

They Should Fight to Lead

Friends, how unu dey? I desired to do a post since my I am back post, but NEPA had other ideas for me. Whenever I am at the convience of my laptop-turned-desktop, they see to it that there is no light, not even a flash of it and our transformer is still in good shape. I know this no light thing in Nigeria is not a today’s thing and my fears plus the way things have been going lately tells me that it has come to stay – God forbid.
I got talking with one of my aunt’s resident in Owerri and she lamented a lot about the situation of the country especially her State of residence. She complained about the directionless directionlessness (Senator Patrick Obahiagbon would say) of our leaders and the fact that most of them have thrown away their consciences. The Imo State governor Rochas came into power with very many promises and in fact he started well, or so I thought – I was in the state at the time. I would be the 1st to speak for him whenever my friends would want to judge him. He promised free education at all levels for the state indigence (something he started), schools, jobs, good roads and in fact a total transformation of the state.  I would tell my friends to be patient and see what his government will become.
I am not in the state now, I have not been there in a while either so I can’t really say I can see what the state has become, but I hear what the state has become. The hopes of many that the messiah of the state has come have been shredded. I hear the pains in their voices when they talk about the government on phone. It pains my heart because for one reason or the other, I believed in that government nearly the same way I believe in the government at the Federal presently. But I have learnt my lessons; that man is still man. Only God is God. Only God can guarantee proper governance for the people on a condition “…if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek me face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, will forgive their sins and heal their land” (2 Chronicles 7:14). Where are the faithful?
In the chat with my aunty, she revealed how she is so no longer interested in going to the polls again in the future for any reason. We then came to a conclusion for an advice to INEC for subsequent elections: don’t disturb yourself doing ballot boxes and printing ballot papers or employing corpers and other people for adhoc staff. Save the money, the country needs it for other things. Just bring all the contestant to a bout that will be televised live of national television; fight till the end - royal rumble style, let the winner ascend whatever seat he has vied for. They should fight themselves if they want to lead, they should not involve us anymore… I don’t really give a damn anymore.

May God help us all! 


  1. Hahaha....@they should fight themselves if they want to lead. Your post touches a nerve, the government has done more harm than good. The light situation is amazingly terrible and just this morning, a ten year old altar boy of my church who I have known since he was a baby died due to electrocution caused by this PHCN off and on light. May God help us all.

  2. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚royal rumble style! That line really cracked me up.At this point in time, most Nigerians have given up on the nation but like you rightly said, God is God. In Him we will continue to trust. The light situation is so depressing but I'm trying to rise above it. Its not been easy. Our leaders are all failures and rogues as far as I'm concerned.πŸ™… God help us.πŸ™πŸ‘Ό

  3. Serious,Nigeria needs divine help.