Sunday 1 May 2016

Time Flies

Like play, like play 4 months in the year 2016 has come and gone and today marks the beginning of a new month. I am sure you are thinking now; how time flies. Yes o, time can fly o… I usually realise this whenever something makes me look at the calendar… God knows I hardly look at the calendar at all these days, who does? I only remember the need to check the date when I go to deposit money in the bank and I need to fill the date on the banks teller. Smh.
Gone are those days we see calendars hang on the walls of our houses. Calendars use to be an integral part of the living room’s decor. Wall clocks too… We sometimes hang them in our bedrooms too. I can remember seeing calendar in someone’s kitchen when I was very young… I can’t remember who now. I thought it was cool then, but now that thought sounds crazy to my thinking ears. Lols.

Technology is making everything portable and readily accessible and so our calendars and clocks are part of our mobile phones and many of our digital gadgets these days that we hardly see the need to have them in their traditional form. The funny thing is that as readily available and accessible as they are, we too often ignore them such that when we realise it, time must have flown so far.
I am wondering why I am writing about time seeef. I guess it's because of an awakening I am getting inside of me to be more conscious of time. I have come to realise that that man who is conscious of time is the one who is able to count his blessings most conveniently when it is time for that. I want to be like that man, don't know about you... and so for the month of May, my watch word is "Don not loss track of Time, not even for a minute". So help me God.
Happy New Month friends. Happy Workers day to all workers... yeeeeh... Monday is public holiday, I am happy. lols.


  1. Happy new month. Hope you are enjoying your holiday?

  2. Happy new month. Hope you are enjoying your holiday?

  3. Time flies ,I wonder where it's going to.that's why all you have to do,do quick