Monday 30 May 2016

I Can't Kill Myself

Walahi… no doubt, the situation of the country after 365 days of the APC administration lead by President Buhari has not been funny at all. Things seem to have gone from bad to worse and it is now a normal thing for families that eat 3 square meal comfortably before now to ration every cup of rice and even the pinch of salt. Hmmm… but as a typical Nigerian, we will always survive somehow, abi naa? I can't kill myself.

In the Nigerian spirit, amidst the whole uncertainty and palava I force myself to get involved in celebrations week-in week-out, at least to distract me from all the goings on. It was my mother’s birthday on the Friday, 20th of May. The whole weekend was celebration galore in her honour. I must say that I had mega fun as the merriment we had is that type that sticks in your memory for a long time. I still remember the white soup with assorted and wheat. 
Two colleagues of mine celebrated their birthdays on the 24th and 28th of May respectively. I had to note these dates just so that you can imagine the amount of cake I have had lately and cakes in various varieties too. Mhen… I LOVE CAKES!
I Love Cakes 
Cutting the birthday cake with my sweet Mother
Just on Democracy day, I gathered with my friends of back in the days in school. It was a reunion of some sort, first of its kind since nearly four year. The feeling was nostalgic as memories from the good old days came alive. Few years away from school, some have made great strides, while some are still trying to find their feet, but knowing that we could still come together and be happy was beautiful.
The get together with some members of my graduating set - Peculiar '012
We should not let the situation of the country make us give up. If mingling with people/persons that can help lift our spirits and raise our hopes, why not? I encourage us to do the same… though we struggle; we will find happiness and strength to keep keeping on… Most importantly, we should cling to Almighty where our hope ultimately should come from, after all He made heaven and earth and everything therein.
Happy Democracy day holiday.
I can't kill myself ooo...


  1. Awww...happy birthday to your mummy, she's so pretty.
    And yes, Nigeria is tough ehn? No light to blog sef and fuel is expensive plus tomatoes no dey.

    1. Yes ooo my mummy is so pretty *winks*
      Aspa Nigeria, I still insist: I can't kill myself... lol.

  2. My dear we can't kill ourselves. We will survive. It's just a stage. By the way Happy birthday to your mum, you are just like her

  3. I can't kill myself when Christ had died for me on the cross. He paid it all and i have all i need even in the face of scarcity in Nigeria. My richness is beyond global comprehension.

    How have you been bro?
    Happy celebration to mum as well

    1. Yes o... Christ paid the ultimate price *Smiles*
      I have been good dear. Thanks.

  4. My dear you can't kill yourself jare. With the situation of this country one have to pursue happiness personally. Lol

    1. Yes ooo... Happiness all the way; Happiness in Christ.