Friday 23 September 2016

How Would you Spend Your Weekend?

TGIF has become popular on a day like this especially for those who work form Monday to Friday. Saturday and Sunday are work free days for them and as such they spend it the way they choose to. I remember how I spent my last weekend. I had planned it two weeks ahead already – Saturday, attend the wedding of a friend in the company of some other friends and that’s all. So my plans for that weekend centered on the wedding I had planned to attend.
How do you make the most of your weekend? I thought about this and came up with some ideas, most of which I am sure are not strange to you, but I’ll share anyways…
Spend weekend with your loved ones: I have the opinion that the best people to spend the weekend with are members of your family i.e. for those who are married o. As for a single person like me who has Bae to think of, weekends usually avails me the best opportunity to go on a date and do fun things with that special someone.
Sleep: for many this is just the best way to spend the weekend. Weekends is just the best time to recover all the hours spent without sleep within the week.
Read a book: there is this book you have had for some time now and you have barely had time to open it, let alone read a line. Weekend offers that perfect opportunity to pick it up and read.
Hang-out with friends: you spend most of your time in a week with your colleagues and you are quickly losing touch with your friends, your weekend can be used to hangout with these friends and do some catching up. You may attend events together of visit them in their homes.
Engage in sports: Go to the gym, go on a road walk; this is possibly something you have always wanted to do, but for want of time. Now, your weekend has availed you with that time. Make use of it.
Movies: this is usually perfect way to relax for many people. Some would go to the cinema to checkout a movie or two (with some popcorn, ice-cream, snacks or something), while a typical me would rather buy the movies I want and watch them in the comfort of my room.

There are a many other ways to spend your weekend. Why not share with us... I wanna know.

Do have a well planned weekend and enjoy every bit of it. 

PS. Coming soon; a guest post - a controversial and interesting post, Don't miss it.


  1. You didn't mention work... Some of us work over the weekend too.

  2. I can engage in all except the last.who get time for movies