Saturday 10 September 2016

Medina Book Club is 1

Hello Friends, it has been raining like forever since the beginning of the week. The last day of the week is here already and the rains is not taking it easy at all. I am having mixed feelings about the weather right now. 
Don’t get me wrong, for the very fact that I should be home resting (sleeping and eating) like all day, I love the weather, but I wish.I have plans to step out today to be part of an event that promises to be educative, inspiring and exciting. It’s the Medina Book Club 1st year Anniversary
“Pheew! How time flies” those where the unspoken words I heard from Onyinye, my very good friend, when she told me about the anniversary.

Ifeoluwapo Adeniyi whose book “On the Bank of the River” published in 2015 is the book in review for the event, will be physically present. I’ll say less now, I’ll need to go, see for myself. I wish one or two of you can come… so sorry for the late information.
Medina Book Club over the past year has been making steady progress. They keep encouraging reading habits among the youths in Lagos and Nigeria at large. When ever your see the hash tag #WhatIsInABook on various social media, know that Medina Book Club is involved. Medina Bool Club encourages African Literature, there by promoting African Culture and our African contents.
Books Reviewed over the period

Personally, I find it difficult to finish any book I start reading, but Medina Book Club has pushed me well. I am not there yet, but I am getting better... I can be that lazy too o. lol.

Please can someone tell the rain to take it easy o… I don’t want to go late ooo.

Congratulations Medina Book Club... I'll always cheer you on.



  1. Replies
    1. I didn't miss it o... I didn't let the rain stop me and I enjoyed every bit of the book club gathering.

  2. Readers are leaders,we all should cultivate the habit of reading
    Hello from the other side

    1. Its always a pleasure to have you turn-up here my Barrister... Yeah, we are leaders.