Saturday 1 October 2016

And the Best Part of Independence Day is...

In the spirit of October 1st I rejoice. Happy new month people of God… It has been God all the way. October, November, December and 2016 is over. I have come thus far and so have you. Shouldn’t we have reasons to be thankful to God?

Nigeria is 56 today as a nation. The road has been rough and tough. It seems to get worse, but I refuse to give up on Nigeria. I know we are destined for greatness. In my life time, Nigeria will be called a great nation once again. God will lift us no matter what the devil thinks… Amen. Let's work on our attitude as individuals and continue to pray for Nigeria, our Country.

Now the immediate best part of today (being 1st of October) is the public holiday. So I heard that the  federal government has declared Monday as public holiday… Heeepppiee! Mehn, you can’t imagine how supper excited I am. Rest, rest and more rest. I flexed plenty in September, so much that I need to hold back a little now and create time for myself. We all need time for ourselves don’t you think so?

Happy Independence once again… May October be better that September in all ramifications.


  1. Its been ages here. Ugo how have you been?

    My dear, enjoy your holiday. As for me, I'm home chilling....

    1. I have been here dear, but not as usual. I guess the Change caught up with me somewhere/somehow, but I am here in

      Home chilling is a great way to spend the holiday. Enjoy!

  2. I spent mine working and when I got home, I fell on my bed and slept.

  3. Amen ! may October be better than the september

  4. Are you still enjoying the enjoyment?I'm waiting for a fresh post jhorr!

  5. Happy new month.