Saturday 17 December 2016

I'm Back!

Where have I been? We all seem to blame everything that happens to us and around us on recession and a lot of times on Buhari (Nigeria’s president). I too do o. But lazy people always look for someone or something to blame, instead of finding a way not to get stuck in everything. So what happened? Where have I been? The truth is, if I begin now to tell tales of what happened or where I have been, I’ll spend the rest of the days of the year doing so… that’s not my intent.

I am happy to be back and I am back for real. Please accept my sincere apologies for being away and for that long. It has really been long o – it’s been 77 days since my last post; na wa o… how time flies. To all those that checked up on me via mails, Facebook and Watsapp, sosongo… God bless you and you too, yes
So this is just to welcome myself back home… As the days go by, I’ll drop posts on things I have been up to - it’s been one experience to another since the last time; ups and downs; bright moments and dull ones - a lot to share.

It is good to be back.
Meanwhile, Happy Birthday to Pope Francis... The Pope is 80years old today. No bi small thing o.


  1. Welcome back dear.
    Runaway blogger.

    1. Lol... Guilty as accused.
      Anyway shaa, I have missed you. Hope Chelsea is still on top? *SmileS*

    2. Na trouble you dey find.
      Liverpool will be on top soon.
      Chelsea is only lucky.

  2. Replies
    1. Bread? in this recession? lol...
      Thanks dear.