Saturday 31 December 2016

Last day of 2016

It is the last day of the week, month, and most excitingly; it is the end of the year; the last day of 2016… Yeeeaaaah! Are you as excited as I am or is it just like any other day that disappears with sunset to bring forth another day at sunrise? Many people cannot wait to get out of 2016 as though a lot of things will change (for good or for better) the moment 2016 ends. mmm! I have been thinking how best it will be to spend this last day of 2016. I will try to decide during the course of this post. 

The year 2016 started with lots of hope and high expectations. I remember my last post in 2015, the tone… I am presently wondering if 2016 lived up to my expectations. The road was tougher than I expected that at some point I felt dazed over everything. We know all know the story (assuming you reside in Nigeria), you must have felt it in various unique ways I am sure, so I don’t have to go into details. It is the story of our nation’s economy; it’s a story of the fall in Naira against the US Dollar. It is the story of the increase of our dependent population; it is story of inflation and raising cost of living amongst others.
I disappeared more than ones here on blogsvile and I would always do a comeback. It feels frustrating after a comeback, finding it difficult to continue just because of circumstances beyond my control. My happiness in all is that I never gave up on Eup and very importantly, I never gave up on you my readers. I am thankful.
The year 2016 has been activity driven and the hustle and struggle for survival became more obvious as the year went by. The learning points has been numerous, so much so that even the dullest of brains would still have a thing or two to learn. What did you learn from the passing year?
I was hoping you advise me on how to spend this special weekend as it bridges 2016 to 2017, but I might just stick to what I did in past years; reflect on the outgoing year, with the main purpose of staying grateful to God. It has really been God all the way, that’s why somehow, I am still able to do shakara.
To all of you that were part of my 2016, I am most grateful, especially to all who believed in my all the way.

Goodbye 2016