Sunday 1 January 2017

2017 My Year of Living in Grace

It feels more like Grace to me. We all call it New Year, but it sounds more like Grace to me. At exactly 12:00AM today, where were you? I was in Church… and the Priest wished us all a Happy New Year and just spontaneously there was an eruption of emotions… People began to shout (people like me naa…lol). Shouts of Victory; Shouts of Triumph, as if we have been in a battle with our enemy and have just been declared the winner. It was amazing. Music filled the air and there was dancing, just like David did. Some were seen going down on their knees with hands lifted to the heavens in worship, and adoration to the Most High. I can’t describe all I saw meehn because I was also in a world of my own that time.
All these for the New Year…? high expectations and new resolutions. The beauty of the whole thing is that even though we don’t know tomorrow but we are hopeful for the best. The moment of crossed over feels a lot like God’s Grace to me. Looking back, I know verily that my being here now has nothing to do with me, but the Grace and Mercies of God. So as I shouted in triumph over the enemy, I acknowledge that it is God who made it possible. His Grace will see us through to tomorrow and we will count down as the days go by.
The New Year should be a year of positivity with good works. If there is anything I want to urge you, it’s to have this for a resolution; love your neighbours than you did in the previous year. Secondly, make a conscious effort to live in God's Grace.

2017 is my year of living continuously in Grace… and His Grace is sufficient for me (2Cor. 12:9). help me God.
Happy New Year Friends!