Monday 2 January 2017

My Blog's New Outlook

In the spirit of the New Year, I decided to tamper with the theme of my blog and what you see now is what I came up with. What do you think about it? Do you remember what this space used to look like in 2016? See it bellow…
My Blog's old outlook

I thought I should tone down on the green and let white shout more, a decision significant to me. Le me explain.
White has a positive connotation. In 2017, I want to remain as positive as possible which is a good thing, you don’t have to tell me…lol. White signifies cleanliness and cleanliness they say is next to godliness. Can we take a cue from this a choose to keep our space more clean and tidy. You will be surprised that the more clean we are, the lesser the chances of any health issue that can befall on us.
White is bright – be bright
White is good and goodness – be good for goodness sake
White is purity – be pure in body, heart and soul
White is innocence – innocence should be part of you
White is the colour of perfection – strive for perfection
Learn a thing or two from this, it would go a long way to help you as the days roll by in 2017. You know I won’t dull myself. In 2017, I’ll stick with “White” as I strive for perfection. I know I am human full of imperfections, but I’ll try.
Try too…



  1. Ugo Egwumba... U never cease to amaze me.. Very thoughtful of u... We will try to follow in ur footsteps... Positivity all d way in d Spirit of whiteness.. If am permitted to say so... As we walk in d path of d divine light.. Wch may appear to be white.. Smiles.. Weldone.. Nice write up

    1. When you say "WE", I wonder who you
      Anyways, "Positivity all d way in d Spirit of whiteness" in your voice...Smiles.

  2. Congratulations bro. I wish u d vry bxt of God's blessings dis year 2017. May ur dreams n gud hrt desires com 2 pass in no distant tym.
    But wait ooo.... y wunt u not luv WHITE...?? of course u hv no oda option dan 2 luv WHITE bro. If not, den y ar u a frnd 2 Dramzzy (Mr. WHITE.....??
    Lol.... Jst tinkin out vry loud sha. 1 luv 2 y'all.

    1. Yeaa Mr. WHITE I know what you mean. It's all
      Have a great 2017 blowing big time.

  3. I like the new outlook and the reason behind it makes sense.

  4. More white! So cool! The new theme is much more appealing to the eyes and I like what inspired it. White just gives this calmness that's simply divine and serene. Nice one Ugo.

    1. Calmness and divine serene... I love the choice of words.
      Thanks for liking the new theme. I am happy.

  5. Happy new year Ugo. We are launching the year in white! I like that the green is toned down. Too much of green is harsh to my eyes.

    Have a blast this year! Cheers....

    1. Yes we are laughing the year in white. *Smiles*
      It's good to have you stop by.