Monday 9 January 2017

Sleep - You Will be Amazed

It’s a new week and the hustle continues; waking up early, stepping out of the house to go find my daily bread and possibly butter too. Last week, I didn’t start my week so well… I gisted you naa, how I woke up late and went to work, and how that defined the whole day for me. I can tell you now that in so many ways it affected even my whole week – last week. How do I get to avoid that in this new week?
I am sure you know this saying: early to bed; early to rise…lol, it is a funny one because as valid as it is, it doesn’t work all the time.
It didn’t work for me last week Sunday into Monday. But that is not to say it is not a good saying (or advice).
The body needs to regenerate/refresh itself and it does that best at night. It has been recommended by experts that we sleep for about 7 to 9 hours for healthy living. A good sleep helps you start the day well. There is this energy that comes into you when you hit the roads. How it happens, I don’t know but I usually feel that way on the days I sleep long enough. When I say good sleep, I am talking about the duration (quantity) and the quality.
Truth be told, my average sleep time is within 5 to 6 hours. It is not good enough. As part of my resolution for the year, I’ll try my best to stop those things that make me sleep late. This is very achievable.
The things we do before we go to bed also affects our sleep duration  and quality. No wonder the other saying that “as you lay your bed, so you lay on it”. The things we do before sleep, often times affect the quality of our sleep. Sometimes, it is eating late, being unnecessarily loud late before you sleep, or your sleep environment etc.
I’m not an expert on the matter, but I know I am not saying nonsense…lol. Over times with conscious awareness of your system you won’t need an expert to tell you somethings. Anyways, I’ll stop here. Just endeavour to improve on the quantity of sleep you get and the quality too – you will be amazed how energized you will be going into a new day.
I slept 7 hours last night and I am feeling good already.
Do have a great day.



  1. I'm not just a big fan. I'm both an early bird and a night owl. Imagine reading your blog at 3:28AM. And I have to go to work today. Smh. It can be good and bad at the same time.

    However, there is no denying the fact that sleep is good!

  2. i dont joke with my sleep anytime it comes.i cant cheat it.I sleep late and wake up early but there is this sleep i dont miss during the day! thats the sleep between 12pm -1pm,i call it a nap!