Saturday 12 September 2015

Let’s Talk Tennis: 2015 US Opens

If there is a game I love so much and I wish I played as a kid, it is tennis… guess by now I would be fulfilling my wish of being a tennis player, slugging it out on the court with the likes of Roger Federer and Andy Murray. I actually dreamt once that I met up with him (Federer, I mean) after a  game he played in the US Opens, I can’t remember when or how I got there, and I had a selfie with him…lol. I only discovered latter that it was one of those my symptoms of malaria I used to have.

But seriously, I love that game, I don’t know about you. It is one of those games that seem to be for the elite, even though I seem to disagree. Its just that the game is not as popular as it should be in this part of the world and those who manage to play it, often do so for recreation sake. Haven't you noticed that nearly all the social clubs of elite Nigerians that have a structure has a tennis court in their compound and occasionally you see men with pot bellies and their white on white tennis wear and canvas.
You may not be a tennis fan, but I am sure you know Serena Williams – that black sister who hails for America or Nigeria which many have claimed she is, because she has a sister (late now) whose name is Yetunde, a claim which she has publicly refuted and has become a spectacle, not just in the sporting world but also in the world of social glamour, fashion and entertainment. It used to be the show of the William’s Sisters, until she constantly stole the shine from her elder sister - Venus, beating her severally on the court and winning lots of laurels - currently holds the record of 21 grand slams, second to Steffi Graf (who reigned within 1980 - 1990). Or is it her gorgeous body that speaks Africaness and is the centre of attraction for the camera men and paparazzi and her fans on instagram and everywhere male and female alike.
Serena Williams - Isn't she gorgeous?
You don’t need to be a sports lover to love Serena. For many women, she represents resilience, great attitude, success, indomitability, the type they admire being in a man’s world.

Awesome Federer
Roger Federer is actually the reason I am doing this post. He is my all-time tennis favourite; I don't know if it is because of how good he is on the courts or his handsome looks which is summarised in his great smiles. 
He has reigned in the world of tennis for about a decade now, soaring highest within 2004 – 2007 when he stamped an absolute dominance, winning every competition he played and staying no. 1 without any treat. He reminds me of America’s Pet Sampras who was lord of the court in the 1990’s; setting a tennis record that only Federer has broken at the time.
What excites me about Roger Federer is the fact that even after he slowed down in his winning ways after 2007, he did not become a pushover like many others in the past. He still gets back to the No. 1 position every now and then, reaching the semi-finals and finals of most of the tournaments he has participated in, winning some and loosing some; of course, the likes of Rafel Nadal and Novac Djokovic are the other two that seem to steal the show away from him, Djokovic being the most recent, but funnily, they still look up to his records, wishing they can be as good.
The 2015 US Opens is at its climax this weekend and for the Men’s competition it has the duo of the best two in the world (no.1 & no.2) meeting again: Djokovic vs Federer. It promises to be a captivating game, one that will be on the lips of people for a long time and possibly redefine the history of the game. The spot light left the Female's event, after Serena Williams was beaten in the semi-finals... I guess the excitement of breaking Steffi Graf's record of 22 grand slam that got to her, and only two games away, she fumbles - She is still our No. 1 though, an idol for many.
Without mincing words, I will say that I am gunning for my guy and fine boy; Roger Federer. I urge him to break this unfortunate dominance of Djokovic over him in recent times and add one more to his many laurels and grand slam titles, now that it is obvious he will be dropping the bats soon.
Federer, make me proud, I want to paint my blog with pictures of you… I believe you will do it… get the victory against Djokovic with style mbok.
The Men’s final is on Sunday. Friends, please when you get to church, pray for Federer’s victory over Djokovic is the 2015 US Open.
Do have a lovely weekend.



  1. Serena should let Venus win her the other day...that game pained me oh. Venus needed the career boost. Now she has been kicked outta the championship

    Nma's Blog 

    1. They may be Sisters but the game was a competition, the better player had to win and Serena has always been the better... Such is life.

  2. Lol.. Am not a fan of tennis. Though I cheers Serena, she's the amazing.

  3. Yes, I agree with you most social elite clubs have tennis court. I wish I could learn how to play but no time for that, lolz. My best is basketball

    1. Basketball... are you serious? I guess one of these days, I should matchup with you, one-on-one onthe B-ball court.

  4. Am not a fan of tennis but i love serena dream is too late to actualize my can still go for tennis

    Glowyshoe blog

    1. This one is late o... I will pass the dream on to my children (at least one of them) when they arrive.

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    1. Lol... I wish you know a bit about tennis too.