Wednesday 23 September 2015

Salah Around the Corner + My Give Away: Your Movie Ticket

It’s mid-week already and I am dancing because I can’t wait for the holidays. I have taken time to search out all the contacts of my Muslim friends, because I need to visit them this holiday; after all, what are friends for? At least lemme wish them a happy Salah and see what comes out of it.
Some of my Muslim friends have been beefing me. They say when it is Christmas, they don’t get to see (eat) my chicken and now Salah is at the corner, I am disturbing them for ram or cow meat, as the case may be. I just want to use this medium to ask for their pardon… eeem, you know chicken is small compared to the size of ram or cow, so by the time we say jack, the chicken is finished (I can even finish a single chicken if I am in the mood) but the ram can’t just finish like that naa… You know naa… So no stories ooo!

Seriously, I can’t wait for the holidays… loads of plans on my mind for it already. My prayer is that God sustains me, I mean us to have fulfilling holiday. Let me in to some of your plans for the holiday or are you just targeting the rams? Where are those bloggers who are Muslim seef… you can’t be hiding at times like this o.
Yaaay! That reminds me; my spirit finally told me what was on his mind. I don’t know why it took this long o. This is what he told me: “I know you have one or two persons in mind you would ordinarily want to choose to give this movie ticket o, but mba, for your own good, do as I say; the 9th person to comment within 24 hours on your next post should be that person”. That’s what my spirit told me o, and who am I not to do as it has said. I think he chose the 9th person because this is the 9th month of the year…. dunno ooo.
For those of you who seem to be confused and are wondering what I am talking about, click HERE and see my previous post where my spirit urged me to give a movie ticket to one person bla bla bla...
Now I am all excited to see how this comes out. Who will be the 9th person to comment? Please don’t misunderstand it o, it didn’t say the 9th comment o, but the 9th person to comment. Hmm… now I am afraid I might not get a 9th person, but lemme rather keep my fingers crossed, then watch and see how it all turns out. By this time tomorrow, I will contact the winner by any means the person makes available. 

Cheers guys! 


  1. So looking forward to the holidays too.. Isalrit be doing yanga with your give away..

  2. My love for give away tho...I like your blog already...Hehehehehe

  3. Ugo be looking for someone's trouble ooo. Well I know you will choose me but I won't be available for tmrw. *tongue out* so pick someone else

    Yes I know am nice!!!

  4. Hehehe, where are the movie lovers .get in here.
    Ugo you are cordially invited for our Sallah Party.
    If you stay around Lekki, Ajah, Holla at your girl

  5. I wish ?I had a Muslim friend for me to chop ram. Well, i am a christian and i will still celebrate and cook something delicious for the holiday. How are you Ugo? God bless you dear.

  6. Ugo! Ugo!! That moment when u want to win the ticket but u don't live in Lagos... Well done sir..

  7. Obviously Ugo I deserve this giveaway. Your spirit has been waiting for me. I have come to claim my prize

  8. lol....nawa for this your spirit ugo... hope you will not choke on meat oo

    Glowyshoes's blog

  9. I had to interrupt eating my Salah meat to drop this comment... still am all excited about the holiday. Yaaaayyy!
    In response to all of you that have dropped a comment on this thread, I have these:

    Gloria - the holiday is here already o, hope you are feeling it like I am. Am I doing yanga baa? Its the idea of my spirit o, no bi me...

    Jummy - you are most welcomed to this space anytime, thanks for liking it here... As for this give away, I don't know o. My spirit want me to be kinda strict on this one.

    Chinco - see your face like Chinco bee ***tongue out*** lol. It could have been you shaa, but your shakara is plenty joor. I know you have gone to eat Salah meat in BMF's place... lemme catch you there.

    Bola - this invitation came a little late o... I already have a long list of... Anyway, next time. Thanks. Please, make sure you don't give that Chinco somborri plenty meat o and party rice.

    Carina - despite the fact that you have no Muslim friends and you are a Christian, I like that you still resolved to celebrate and cook something delicious for the holiday... I wish I can be part of it... you sound like an interesting cook seef. God bless you too.

    Ifeoma - I hate that you have to miss this thicket because you don't live in Lagos. I will put everyone into consideration next time; you especially.

    Molola - where have you been? I did not believe my eyes seeing your comment on this thread... Na wa o... So my spirit had to bring you back without even hinting me... this my spirit seeef! But Molola, you have loads of explanation to make o... Seriously! Aspa claiming the price, CALM DOWN!

    Naija Mom - You want all the chicken to plan and kidnap me before Christmas? Abeg

    Glowyshoes - If it were a shoe for give away, you would be the undisputed winner. You look like a winner already because from what I am seeing here, you are the 9th person to comment... but chai, you don't stay in Lagos. Still kudos to you and keep keeping up on the good works.



  10. Hope u got a lot of meat? Keep own o.

  11. Ugo i will not better convert that ticket to something for me..don't joke with me..*straightface*

    Glowyshoe blog