Tuesday 16 February 2016

Ma Bae Broke My Heart

My people, officially I am finding my voice somehow since Valentine’s Day after what I consider a shocking discovery. You know how you just stay put expecting the unconceivable to happen? That’s my story o…

February 14 came with all its excitement and mumutically I was hoping our ladies will turn the table around at least this ones, so instead of surprising them, I prepared my mind to be the recipient of the surprise this one time… That was how I did not call my blog bae ooo, hoping she had a surprise for me (and indeed she had one). At a point I called her from a line she wasn’t familiar with, hurriedly wished her a happy Val’s day, but she didn’t even recognise my voice: “please who am I speaking with” she asked. Chai, was the only thing that filled my head at the time.
Ooo she probably is not back from service I told myself, because the background was a little filled with activity and since ma blog bae can go to church for the whole of Africa, that explained it.

Little did I know that BMF and her Oga with some other people I don’t know seeef, had set my Blog bae up. She wasn’t in Church o, she was probably in a Valentine gaiety where she had been set up, unknown to her o… and this bros Ayoola proposed to her, just like that…SMH and BMF and many paparazzi’s where taking shots of my blog bae blushing. Deris God ooo…and me I was in my small room waiting for ma surprise, guess I got it and as I was shot, this time not like Dialo. I was shot at my heart but I didn’t feel anything. This Cupid kid was blindfolded like Lady Justice, and it hit another target. I thought it was a mistake, only to discover that it had to be destiny. So this Cupid shot Chinco’s arrow and it hit Ayoola  or was it the other way round, and the whole crowd went heeeeeeeehhhhhh…osheeeeee! I(we) can’t summon the Cupid to explain why, but we can reach out to Chinco and the young man who beat me to it. I still remember BMF’s word on Instagram she said “she (talking about ma blog bae) has broken your heart…” lols
I guess this is the biggest Valentine’s surprise ever. So Chinco Bae is officially oof the market, so my Blog bae boo who never told us about any relationship or had any boyfriend before now is engaged already – I remember she only talked about Daddy (let somebody shout Alleluia) and her boss at work… na wa o.  
Before I end this post that touches my bone and marrow, lemme beg BMF not to keep me in the dark in case anybody is planning one kind (any kind) of surprise for me and confides in her… I don’t want a heart attack ooo….biko ooo!
Finally to Chinco Bisola Bakare, my one and only Blog Bae Bee, weather them like it or not, I most excited for you. Sooner, asoebi tinz will be on point I know, but you know it’s the parry rice that thrills me the most after seeing the beautiful smile and blushes on the face of the bride and especially that time when the pastor says “you may kiss your bride”, heheheeeeee. Lols… Go and make us all on blogsvile proud. I have always known that there is something about you. I know God is involved, may He see you through.
Bros, Easy ooo! lols

P.S For those of you expecting my bae to do a guest post here on how Val’s day finally went, I am sure I have given you an idea already with this post and after publishing this post, I am officially banding her from ma blog for the next 30 days… I don’t want her looking for Chinco, asking her what she gave me to chop…lols

I’m out.

Photo credit - BMF. For More, [Click Here]


  1. Hehehe, it was a romantic moment. she did not expect it

    I agree with you Ugo, she never made mention even to me that she has a boyfriend oo it was the guy that spilled the news on the 11th ,Chai all these Christian sisters sef *sideeye *I was even whinning her on the 14th she no talk, hian


  2. Chai! Chinco babe has broken my bro's heart oooo. Ugo sorry oohh. BMF really took everyone by surprise to the extent that even Chinco herself didn't know what was planned for her. It's all good though. I'm so so happy for her.

    Alabekee's Blog

  3. Awwww....I love proposals. Congrats Chinco, I wish you all the best.

  4. Awwwwww this is so sweet. Someone is off the market oòoo
    May this journey be as beautiful as ever and as fruitful as the vine herself
    As for you, Ugo. May you find your bae sooner than you.....

  5. Lolz at Ugo. Am happy for our very own chinco bee.


  6. sad ur heart was broken bro, glad chinco bee found her best half... one word... #LOVE...

    ‎Greetings from ‎lexhansplace

  7. Awww Congratulations ..... Ugo please wipe ya eyez u hear

  8. Lol@Ugo

    You still remain my blog boo nah!!! Bros sef know that one

    Thanks anyways and thanks to everyone for the wishes


    She served you right...tonque out.

  10. lol...... anyways I'm happy for her sha....