Sunday 21 February 2016

I Love Taking Pictures

Happy Sunday friends… Hope you are good. I came back from church not too long ago and will be dashing out again any moment from now, but not without saying hello… *SmileS*. I have plans of taking lots of picture today. Of course, since the beginning of the year, I have been taking loads of pictures, thanks to Santa…lol
I have a new camera… heheheheeee. Thanks to Santa again…lol. I have always wanted to do a comprehensive post on my love for the art of photography but for time. Anyways, Santa saw my heart and knew that I desired to have a camera, and so he granted me in his own special way the resources to get a new camera; though he cautioned me to cut me coat according to me size, which I did and got myself something affordable; a Nikon L340 CoolPix Camera.
This is the Camera
I remember back then in school, many of my fellow students called me photographer. It was only my close friends and course mates that knew I was just me – a fellow student who loved the camera and likes taking shots both random and arranged. I miss those days, but somehow have brought myself back there.
See some of the pictures I snapped back in the days...
Somewhere in Benin City (December 2011)

In a Cultural event in Ummuna Orlu, Imo State (December 2013)

Cotholic Corps Members in St. Joseph, Anua Uyo, Akwa Ibom (2014) 

Corps Members doing sanitation in Nsit Atai, Akwa Ibom Camp (March 2014)
Oguta lake, Imo State (2011)
Happy Sunday

PS: My Birthday is just around the corner...heheheeee. Loads of cake, I am super happy.I'll keep yours if your care.


  1. Thanks to santa, it's a petite fine camera. Sha come and snap me too with it!!! Enough of those your phone selfies

    1. Lol... Anything thing for you. Shea you will come to my studio *winks*

  2. Lovely camera and pictures.. The pictures speak a lot, nice.

  3. I need me a camera too. Tell Santa for me na

  4. Alright bros. Continue snap[ing.. sha no go snap people where them go slap you collect your camera hhhhhhhmmmmm?

    Two days.

  5. Wow you love taking pictures? I do too.

  6. Better start a photography business. Everything na business now

  7. I love the Okuko picture...besides when are we going to kill it and eat it?