Monday 15 February 2016

Valentine's Gift

Heheheee… Happy St. Valentin’s day (in areas now) to all my friends and blog readers here, especially my blog mama and blog bae Bee. Love is in the air and the excitement is on.
I took a short walk along the streets of Ikeja – Awolowo way before settling to do this post. I realised how beautiful the colour Red can be again… Many people walking up and down the streets had a touch of read on their dress. The sight was as though planned and so beautiful. To spice it up, Arsenal won their match for the day and so Arsenal fans went around too flaunting their red and with jerseys – the colour of love.
I am sure you are wandering, did Ugo not doing anything for that someone special this Valentine, what is he looking for walking up and down the streets of Ikeja? Heheheee... if it pleases her to share, I’ll ask her to do a guest post on it herself, lol.
There is something that is bothering me... let me ask this question directed to our ladies. Please eeeh, what is it with Boxers and Singlet as gifts for to your bae? Lols… The lady selling boxers close to my neighbourhood disclosed to me of the overwhelming increase in the sales of boxers and singlet on Valentine’s eve, and more interesting is the fact that the female folks were responsible for about 90% of the purchases. It still baffles me oo… Ladies, make una help our ministry naa. Say no to boxers and singlet gifts to your bae.
For the sake of helping that sister who is clueless on what gifts to buy her man, eeeh please the ladies in the house should help out with suggestions mbok... "What gift did you give you man on Val's day or what gift would you get for your man on a very good day whether for val, or better-still, his birthday?"
Love is a beautiful thing… all those who have found love should cherish it. For those who are still in search, may you find. heheheeeee
That's why I Love FEBRUARY... Love
PS: So... In the spirit of love, I am suppose to send credit of choice to at least 2 persons that dropped a comment in my last post based on their comments. Uthman Saheed and Adaeze Writes it is... Please do me a mail {} indicating your mobile number, of if you have my number somehow, chat me up on watsapp.


  1. Yay! I won happy *dancing in circles*
    Well, boxers and singlets are the things that come to ladies minds whenever they have to buy a val gift for their boo.
    I opt for a Creed men's perfume and a set of dashing neck-ties.
    Happy Valentine Ugo!

    1. I got your mail...
      Men's perfume sounds great.
      Good thinking.

      Happy Valentine Ada.

  2. I dunno what to say about the boxers thingy. I guess flowers are to ladies as boxers are to men. Lol.

    Erm . . . tell bae to write as a guest biko. Let us know how romantic you can be. *rme*

  3. We are waiting for bae post but for the gift, no gift this Valentine ooo,but if I were to buy gift, I go for perfumes, shirt, shoes and wristwatch