Tuesday 2 February 2016

Good Night

It’s a new month already – the best month of the year. I know you want to contest it, but let’s leave that for another day. I am excited that we all made it to this see this month… January came and disappeared just like that and many would say; “just now now, na wa o” but I will say nooo ooo… January was too long jooor. Maybe if you were as broke as I was, you would understand.
I had something else in mind when I started this post, but before I started, I went outside of the house and was met by a neighbour who greeted me. She said “good evening sir”, and I responded and asked how she was doing. She said “fine” and went on. It was about 9:00pm by then, a time I would consider as night.
I began to think: in the morning, we greet: “Good Morning”. In the afternoon, we greet “Good Afternoon” while in the evening, we follow same pattern; “Good evening” Then when it is night, it becomes a little difficult continue the pattern. We still stick with good evening greeting. We use “Good Night” only when we departing from a person or people in the evening or at night. I tried greeting someone after that my neighbor passed; I greeted him saying “good night”. He immediately pursed, looked at me with this funny look and said "are you forcing me to go and sleep?"
So now I am asking you, does the greeting "Good Night necessarily mean I am parting with you and wish you a good night rest? Nawa o...
You may not be reading this at night, but good night...lols



    Good night is good night and what ot simply means is 'we might not meet tonight again till tomorow'...in yoruba (odaro), hausa (sai da safe), in Ibo(....)fill it yourself. All still mean bye bye for today.

    That's the culture and thats how its been done all over the world. Language is not a mathematics where 1+1 is always equal to 2. Just learn to accept it like that.

    Happy new month bros.

  2. Most times we use goodnight when you going to bed.

  3. To my own understanding, Good night simply means you're wishing the person you're sending the greetings to a good night rest, hoping to see again the following morning.

    Alabekee's Blog

  4. Lol... I just continue with the good evening until am heading to bed. I really doubt anyone would have a complete answer to this because I guess its subjective.

  5. I used to wonder at the same thing at a point in my life too.

  6. It's true ooo,we met it like that, so we will keep following the trend


  7. Enter your comment...

    @ uthman Seconded!

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